Acknowledge your successes, and innovate at work, with your ambitious nature activated. Give yourself a break and generous respite, too, retreating with moments to dream freely about what’s next – then act! Community calls your attention, with passion among friends – maintain enthusiasm and your responsible outlook in social circles.


Sweeping changes continue, so surround yourself with friends, community or a peer group that nourishes the path you’re on, and appreciates your perspective. Freedom, innovation and progress is sparked by you – be liberated in your approach, yet continue putting in work to see your reputation or career stabilise.


A sense of prominence and recognition is yours, yet your most important learnings will be experienced in private. Continue formalising your knowledge, and meet friends in your network that support your educational path during summer. Welcome slow, sensory moments and quietly master the relationships that elevate your success.


Relationships are key as you follow through on important visionary ventures: projects, dreams or ongoing journeys that add meaning to your world. Be among enlightened friends in your social sphere or community, and commit your time, energy, space and money to key figures, even when it’s difficult sharing.


Welcome recognition and show the world alternatives, seen operating differently in your position of notoriety. Publicise your wellness practices and how you manage your lifestyle. See relationships with special people deepen this year, so embrace those who you treasure, as you develop your relationship and grow together exponentially.


Leverage your talents, creativity, passions and happiness to broaden your outlook and reach. Pay attention to foreign perspectives, and explore the unfamiliar – an educational path, culture or philosophy that holds exciting potential. Find joy in fresh thinking, yet maintain a healthy lifestyle or your journey toward optimum wellbeing, too.


Develop loyal bonds, maintain your position, and trust others to provide or support you. Sense who’s reliable, and be prepared to change the way you work together. Managing a daily regime, your job or health can swell in importance, so strive to be grounded, with your own wellbeing paramount.


Embrace creativity, fun and your romantic side – shake up your relationships! You have powerful instincts and an unrivalled ability to express your ideas, so trust your communication skills, Scorpio. Family life demands attention too, with self-care practices, health, and wellness regimes on the agenda this year.


Spark excitement through your job and lifestyle, showing there’s a different way of doing things. Be confident on your value and what you’re worth! Your position might seem unconventional, yet ultimately it can provide security. Learning to relate and master communication is serious business that can bring joy this year.


There’s meaning to be found expressing yourself, developing skills and rapport this year. Navigate your local area, move freely with exciting creative passions, playful outlets or those you love giving you reason to circulate. Taking your role and finances seriously will lead to greater security at home.


Welcome exciting changes that challenge your approach to where you live, or a journey of self-care. Radical shifts can build upon the work you’ve already done privately, or in secret. Develop greater self-reliance, with growth around your role and luck in money! You’ll develop friendly connections this year, too!


It’s a huge year for you and the part you play in your community. What you have to say will likely be heard, so strike upon the message connecting you to those near and far. Evolve ideas while appreciating some key facts can stay hidden.