It’s time to get excited, astrology fans, because there’s a major astrological event about to happen that will give us the positive energy and fresh start we’ve all been craving. The vernal equinox (or the first day of spring) will take place in the northern hemisphere on 20 March, at 9.37am. At that precise moment, the sun will be directly above the equator, heralding the beginning of Aries season and the astrological new year. So, what does that mean for you?

Well, it’s a time for reflection, but more importantly, it’s a time for celebration too — a moment where you can hit the refresh button and jumpstart yourself into gear. Rather than holding onto old sentiments and worries, use this time to let them go and make way for the new as the sun starts its journey around the 12 astrological signs. 

A few days after the start of the astrological new year, we’ll experience the highly anticipated Venus star point on 26 March, this year in passionate Aries. A Venus star point is the alignment of the sun and Venus. When both planets align, they give us the drive and desire to commit to a new journey in matters of love, money and all positive feelings. It is an astrological transit that occurs every 10 to 12 months and is the only time in 2021 that this celestial activity will take place.

Therefore, it’s time to manifest your truest heartfelt wishes — the universe is listening. Make moves towards what you fancy and love. Motivate yourself to dream big. The intentions that you set now will last for years to come. Our fiery temperaments will be refined during the full worm moon in Libra on 28 March, as the planets urge us to find balance in our romantic relationships and partnerships. 

What does the astrological new year have in store for your star sign?


You’re stepping out into the world and making a lot of noise. It has been a long time since you’ve demanded attention and affection from others, but now your fiery vibe is yearning for some TLC. The caveat is to not get too consumed with the quest for power, acclaim and fame. Move towards these desires slowly to ensure this sentiment can sustain itself throughout the next 12 months and that you have something to attain.


Your intuition is heightened and more powerful than ever. Instead of running away from whatever it is that the universe is presenting to you, embrace it. Start writing in a journal to document your dreams and insights. This will serve as your guide throughout the astrological new year, as it will bring you divine clarity and influence in all matters — personal, professional, romantic and financial — throughout the year.


It’s time for you to get involved in activities you’re passionate about. Committing to a humanitarian project, organising a group endeavour with your friends or taking an online class that sparks your intellect will help you attain greatness through the astrological new year. This will allow you to feel a deeper connection to others and the world around you, as you’re giving your all to causes and projects that spark your passion.


Your professional goals are changing at the moment, giving you the chance to take your career to the next level. The astrological new year is a great opportunity to connect with former colleagues and meet new people in the same profession on networking websites. Use your detective skills to suss out a job that can change the direction of your career. You’ll even have the courage to ask for a pay rise or promotion, too.


You need to release the energy that’s built up within yourself. Instead of holding it in (which you normally do), let it all out. Embrace your feelings. Have a good cry. Talk matters out with a trusted confidante. Stretch out your body with light yoga to help detox. When you do at least one of these things, you will be able to be at one and peace with your body, mind and spirit.


You tend to be more logical than emotional as you analyse your emotions. All of that is about to change. Your sensitive side is about to take the lead, urging you to lead with your heart instead of your mind. You will no longer make pragmatic decisions in all areas of your life. You’re choosing to do what feels right and makes your heart soar. Anything short of that sentiment will fall to the wayside.


The astrological new year starts a wonderful journey in matters of the heart. You will be creating and strengthening emotional bonds, which have the power to last a lifetime. As long as you are willing to strike a balance with your partner or crush, the sky’s the limit. You’ll no longer have to wonder what they’re feeling or thinking because they will show you how much they care and love you by their actions.


This new year offers you a moment to reset your energy. Instead of working long hours every day, give yourself a moment to chill and have a break. Do not push yourself to the limit and work yourself to the bone. Take time to relax, meditate and unwind. If your schedule doesn’t permit this, then it’s important for you to take the time to make sure it happens. Stop and smell the roses.


Taking up a new hobby (such as knitting, gardening, cooking or painting) will inspire you to embrace your artistry and take risks in all other areas of life. You’ll feel as though the possibilities are infinite. Bringing your inner visions to the canvas will help you in more ways than you ever imagined. It’ll motivate you to shape your own reality. After all, you can create the vibe desired with your own brushstrokes and details.


You often put on a brave face to the world and hold back your emotions. Now, you are having a personal emotional renaissance during which you’ll become more open and understanding of your innermost feelings. You are no longer wanting to be stoic when it comes to love and romance. In fact, you’re opting to be tender and sentimental with your heart, supplementing kindness and sweetness for your direct nature (that can sometimes be harsh).


Lately, the relationship that you have with the material world is complex. You’ve been paying more attention to your spiritual desires and less to your finances. All that is about to change. The next 12 months give you the opportunity to invest your money soundly and make moves to create a savings plan. If you’re feeling lost regarding your finances, consider talking to an adviser or trusted acquaintance. Their advice will be golden (literally).


The astrological new year is giving you the confidence to speak your mind. Asserting your emotions will be challenging, as you’re not one to willingly share your emotions with others (you do this to protect yourself). Sharing your secrets will boost the level of commitment in your relationship and bring you closer to your significant other. It will also allow you to take a leap of faith in letting a crush know how you feel.