Milan, dubbed as one of the most important fashion capitals in the world, is home to a plethora of weekly markets, food of the finest quality and ancient ties to its Roman roots in the form of art and the QC Terme spa. So why don’t you discover what the “dolce vita” is all about?


La Rinascente


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The Rinascente department store is not one to mess with. Boasting an incredible stature of 10 storeys, how could you not shop ‘til you drop? Located at the famed Piazza del Duomo, you can hardly believe that the historical landmark has been standing for over 150 years when you step inside its glass doors. You can find every luxury brand you can think of within the Rinascente’s four walls, so be prepared for a big shopping day! 

Piazza del Duomo, 20121 Milano 

Via Montenapoleone

Photo: Alessandro Bremec/NurPhoto via Getty Images

Photo: Alessandro Bremec/NurPhoto via Getty Images

Via Montenapoleone is home to a whole host of high fashion brands from Italy and around the world. Despite the modern shop fronts, the street’s origins trace back to the Roman empire. Take a stroll down this historic street in the centre of Milan which will have their latest haute couture looks on display in anticipation of Fashion Week.  

Via Montenapoleone, Milano

Mercato di Papiniano

Photo: Christy Lam

Photo: Christy Lam

Photo: Christy Lam

Photo: Christy Lam

Taking place every Tuesday and Saturday, the extremely popular mercato situated in Viale Papiniano offers the other end of the shopping spectrum from your high-end department stores and Via Montenapoleone. At Viale Papiniano, you will probably be rummaging through piles of clothes that go for €3 alongside your typical nonna. Stalls of vintage Levi’s, unmarked clothes, and jewellery makers line the long street so be sure to arrive early to snatch all the good stock!

Viale Papiniano, Milano

Il Mercatone dell’Antiquariato sul Naviglio Grande

Photo: Christy Lam

Photo: Christy Lam

If you are in the Italian capital on the last Sunday of the month, you absolutely cannot miss the big market that happens monthly by the picturesque Navigli canals. There are just short of 380 stalls that line the waterways with treasure troves of vintage clothes, home decor, books, bags, jewellery – honestly, the list just goes on! Be sure to bring plenty of cash as merchants will be more likely to let you haggle. Put on your best bartering voice and you may just come across your next vintage Chanel bag here!

Alzaia Naviglio Grande, 4, 20144 Milano 

Thrift Shop

Photo: Christy Lam

Photo: Christy Lam

Thrift Shop, just a stone’s throw away from Le Colonne, offers pre-loved y2k garments and accessories at an affordable price. The stock changes regularly and the variety in the pieces ensures that there is guaranteed to be something favourable for every style. From vintage belts, kitten heels, corsets and football tees, which is it that you will take away the next time you come here? 

Via Privata del Don, 2, 20123 Milano

Humana Vintage

With three branches scattered across the city, Humana Vintage organises their stock by colour, creating a visually pleasing shopping experience. The shops are part of the charity: Humana People to People Foundation which goes beyond keeping unwanted clothes in circulation. They are also responsible for medium to long-term programmes which tackle socio-environmental issues. Garments are priced at friendly prices, and keep an eye out for the €5 rack! 

Via Cappellari, 3, 20123 Milano; Via Edmondo de Amicis, 43, 20123 Milano; Via Vigevano, 32, 20144 Milano



Osteria Serafina


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For an unforgettable and authentic Italian dining experience, you absolutely cannot miss Osteria Serafina. The rich scent of truffle greets you as you step inside the osteria. They pride themselves on sourcing the freshest seasonal ingredients and having a large selection of the finest wines. So which is it you’ll have – the gricia tossed in the cheese wheel in front of you, or a traditional Milanese veal? (P.S. their tiramisù is a need, not a want.)

Via Luigi Sacco, 9, 20149 Milano

Pan Milano


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Pan Milano advertises itself as a bakery, kitchen and a wine bar, offering a versatile range of services. The modern interior is reminiscent of a Japanese café, taking after its founders Yoji Tokuyoshi and Alice Yamada. The menu strikes the perfect balance between Italian and Japanese cuisine – sample the shokupan with prosciutto or the restaurant’s homemade burger with red miso mayo.  

Via Leopoldo Cicognara, 19, 20129 Milano

D&G Martini Bar

The upscale Dolce & Gabbana Martini bar, situated in central Milan on Corso Venezia, boasts a wide range of craft cocktails alongside an abundant menu with a lineup of pastas, fish, meats and desserts. Ask to be seated in the veranda on a hotter day and order a spritz or two to accompany your meal. 

Corso Venezia, 15, 20121 Milano

Felice a Testaccio

For trusty and exquisite pasta, Felice a Testaccio is a top candidate. The homey restaurant is reflective of the Roman-style cooking which aligns with the description on their site as being a family that welcomes you (‘una famiglia che ti accoglie’). There are a wide range of pastas and meats to choose from so bring a friend or two to try more!  

Via del Torchio, 4, 20123 Milano



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Situated beside the Modern Art Gallery, LùBar is a stunning venue to enjoy that perfect afternoon brunch. The restaurant focuses on Sicilian cuisine with typical dishes such as arancini and pasta alla norma. For all the seafood lovers, there are a wide variety of dishes featuring seafood to satisfy any cravings. Take your pick between being seated in the courtyard, garden or the greenhouse when completing your booking.  

Via Palestro, 16, 20121



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Have a slice of the South of Italy at Gelsomina bakery. The signature maritozzi are Roman cream-filled brioches which can also be indulged in its most loved form: pistachio. The popular pasticceria also offers a brunch menu with items such as your classic avocado and eggs on toast or strawberry and banana pancakes.    

Via Carlo Tenca, 5, 20124 Milano; Via Galvano Fiamma, 2, 20129 Milano



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Feeling a bit homesick? Ta Hua is the place for you. The Hong Kong style restaurant, located by Repubblica, offers an extensive menu of dim-sum, seafood, meat dishes and more. The modern feel of the interiors make for an enjoyable dining experience. Some previous diners include the Hadid sisters and Chiara Ferragni!

Via Gustavo Fara, 15, 20124 Milano

Pavé Gelati & Granite



It would be a crime to leave Italy without having a taste of authentic Italian gelato. With milk instead of cream as its base, gelato is the denser and healthier cousin of ice-cream. Pavé Gelateria offers original gelato flavours such as “tarte tatin” and unconventional fruit ones such as kiwi, so there is sure to be a flavour to your fancy. 

Via Cadore, 30, 20135 Milano; Via Cesare Battisti, 21, 20122 Milano

Paper Moon Giardino

The elegant interiors of Paper Moon Giardino are enough to make you want to dine here. The menu boasts a range of traditional Italian gastronomy, each dish as beautifully presented as the next. If you book early in advance, there is a chance that you will be seated in the picturesque garden located at the back of the restaurant. Come here for a fancy dress-up dinner, or as a break from shopping on Via Montenapoleone.

Via Bagutta 12, 20121 Milano

Bar Picchio

Located in Porta Venezia, one of the liveliest (and gay-friendly) areas in the city, Bar Picchio is a laid-back ‘neighbourhood’ bar where you will be drinking amongst friendly and sociable locals. The famed photo wall brimming with over a thousand ID photos gives the bar an added quirk in addition to the eclectic artwork behind the counter.

Via Melzo, 11, 20129 Milano

Takumi Ramen

Photo: Christy Lam

Photo: Christy Lam

If you ever need a pasta break, we don’t blame you. Takumi Ramen, located in three locations across the city, imports ramen noodles from Japan, so you know they’re the real deal. The chain uses authentic Japanese recipes for the ramen broth to emulate the flavours of Japan.     

Viale Bligny 2, 20136 Milano; Via Luigi Canonica, 63, 20154 Milano; Via Luigi Porro Lambertenghi, 24, 20159 Milano

Loste Café


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Loste Café is your traditional Italian bakery, but elevated. From cinnamon rolls and cardamom buns to the fried eggs and truffle salad, what will you pick to have alongside a hearty cup of cappuccino?  

Via Francesco Guicciardini, 3, 20129 Milano

Mercato Centrale

Mercato Centrale at the Centrale train station is an indoor food market made up of over two floors and thirty stalls of various cuisines. Opt for a light panino or salad if you’re not too hungry, or a bowl of fresh pasta just because you’re in Italy.

Via Giovanni Battista Sammartini 2, 20125 Milano

DaDa in Taverna


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DaDa in Taverna offers a range of innovative food choices and a variety of coffee and cocktails in a vibrant and homey atmosphere. The large Gothic vaults and coffered ceilings echo the historical purpose of this establishment, being an inn which survived the bombings during the Second World War. Dada takes after the founders Paolo Anzil and Giuseppe Davide’s interest in Dadaism and Surrealism, concepts which are interwoven into their culinary practices.

Via Morigi, 8, 20123 Milano

Cova Pasticceria



Every Hong Konger’s go-to Cova pasticceria actually originated from the heart of the Italian capital. The café located at the corner of Via Montenapoleone was where it all began. One of Italy’s oldest pastry shops, it has long been frequented by notable figures such as writer Ernest Hemingway and Romantic composer Giuseppe Verdi. Today, the establishment still stands proudly on one of Milan’s most visited streets, hosting breakfast, lunch, afternoon tea and aperitivo in its signature blue and gold accented tea room and hidden garden. 

Via Monte Napoleone, 8, 20121 Milano



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The Michelin-starred fine dining establishment presents an innovative set menu of Italian-Japanese fusion cuisine. Each meticulously prepared dish coupled with the impeccable service will leave you feeling more than satisfied. Located in the financial district of Porta Nuova, the upscale architecture forms the view that the restaurant overlooks.  

Piazza Alvar Aalto, 20124 Milano

N’Ombra de Vin


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The gourmet restaurant and wine bar is a safe haven for all wine lovers. Dating back to the 15th century, the ancient wine cellar houses over 2,500 labels of wine where one can have the privilege of experiencing a wine tasting in this captivating landmark. The dining concept is based on a curated selection of high quality foods all locally sourced in tandem with individually sourced products from abroad. Savour the rich flavours of various cuts of meat from the in-house salumeria, located in the vault. One can only expect the best at N’Ombra de Vin.

Via S. Marco, 2, 20121 Milano


QC Termemilano


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A stone’s throw away from Porta Romana, the QC Terme spa is where you will discover pure bliss. Set behind ancient Spanish walls dating back to 500 AD, here you can unwind from the hustle and bustle of the city with massage treatments, saunas, wellness pools and more.

Piazzale Medaglie D’Oro, 2, 20135 Milano

Pinacoteca di Brera

The abundance of artwork in the Pinacoteca di Brera is enough to make you want to revisit. Containing works from the 13th to 20th century, the gallery houses several important masterpieces such as Hayez’s “The Kiss” and Raphael’s “The Marriage of the Virgin”. 

Via Brera, 28, 20121 Milano

Teatro della Scala

Photo: Christy Lam

Photo: Christy Lam

Inaugurated in 1778, the long-established Teatro alla Scala (more colloquially known as La Scala) is one of the world’s top leading ballet and opera houses. Take a tour of the captivating red and gold accented opera house and the in-house museum or book early in advance to experience some of the top talents in the world in performances such as Swan Lake, Le Nozze di Figaro and more.

Via Filodrammatici 2, 20121 Milano

Fondazione Prada

Photo: Christy Lam

Photo: Christy Lam

Fondazione Prada is one for the contemporary art lovers. With both permanent and temporary exhibitions available, the institute which is co-chaired by Miuccia Prada explores various portrayals of literature, cinema, music, philosophy and science in a multitude of art forms. You will be confronted by cultural stimuli that are thought-provoking at its core. Works from globally acclaimed artists such as Jean-Luc Godard, John Baldessari and Damien Hirst will be present. 

Largo Isarco, 2, 20139 Milano

Ape Milano


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Ape Milano is renowned for its regular, exciting events held at cool venues. With each event showcasing a different lineup of DJs, guests are bound to have an exhilarating experience. Some of the notable locations where Ape has been held are: Parco Sempione, the largest park in the city centre, and Piazza Affari, home to the Italian stock exchange and the unconventional but comical giant middle finger statue. To stay informed about the latest events make sure to follow @apemilano on Instagram and you will be promised a good time!

Held at various locations

Armani Silos

Photo: Christy Lam

Photo: Christy Lam

Photo: Christy Lam

Photo: Christy Lam

A permanent exhibition space that was inaugurated by Giorgio Armani in 2015 to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the mæstro’s career, Armani/Silos creatively displays the eponymous brand’s creations from 1980 to the present by theme. Alongside the couturier’s work, temporary exhibitions are on rotation as well as a digital archive, a bookshop and a café. 

Via Bergognone, 40, 20144 Milano

Museo del Cenacolo Vinciano

In a city full of such rich heritage in the arts, it would be a shame to leave Milan without experiencing the awe-inspiring Leonardo Da Vinci’s Last Supper in the flesh. Prepare to be enveloped by the spellbinding masterpiece as you step into the Santa Maria delle Grazie where the friars once congregated to eat, pray and meditate during their meals. 

Piazza di Santa Maria delle Grazie, 2, 20123 Milano