Selena Gomez 剛搬進價值$490萬美元的西諾豪宅,心情愉悅的她甚至抱著吉他在角落彈起吉他,在陽光明媚的角落中展現出寫意的隔離生活。

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Some nights, you know the photos are going to be good before the band even hits the stage. That was the case for the two shows Tom and the band played at the Royal Albert Hall in London in June 2012. Everyone was excited to be overseas, but there was a special buzz around the @royalalberthall, the legendary London hall that has hosted so many historic concerts and events. So I knew when Tom’s limo arrived in the backstage tunnel a few hours before doors opened for the first show that it was gonna be a memorable night. TP stepped out of one side of the limo, and his wife, Dana, emerged from the other side, handing a black suit bag to Dean. I was hanging about to see if they’d be up for a photo in front of a graffiti mural underneath the venue with the faces of various iconic musicians who’d tread the boards. Tom was up for it, and we snapped a few frames before he started for the elevator. “Hey,” he said, turning to Dana. “Where’s the bag?” “Dean’s got it,” she replied, turning to their long-time security chief, who was holding the suit bag. That was the moment I knew that photos were going to be good. Something special was in that bag. I don’t know who designed the beautiful black pinstripe suit Tom wore onstage that night at the Royal Albert Hall; I assume it was Glen Palmer, his long-time stylist. But when the band hit the opening chords to “Listen to Her Heart” and the lights came up, Tom was standing center stage sporting that suit with a beautiful vintage yellow Fender Telecaster around his neck. It was the photographic equivalent of shooting fish in a barrel; you could almost do no wrong. Just as Mike Campbell took his first guitar solo after the song’s bridge, Tom drifted to stage left, and, looking out over the sold-out Royal Albert Hall, broke into a huge grin. That’s when I snapped this photo. -Andy Tennille, Photographer. #pettyforever Now available as either a lithographic or fine art print! For details and to order click the Bio Link!

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說到這房子,是已故美國歌手 Tom Petty 與當時的妻子 Jane Benyo 在20世紀1980年代末的時候所設計,房子裏面共有6間臥室。

起初 Tom Petty 本身與妻子 Jane Benyo 是住在另一棟豪宅中,直到1987年的時候遭到縱火犯所燒毀。在這場可怕的大火之後,Tom Petty 和妻子決定按照自己的設計建造新一座豪宅,而 Selena Gomez 便成為現在的主人,也因此感到自豪。

可惜的是在1996年 Tom Petty 和 Jane Benyo 離婚後便失去了這棟豪宅,更在2017年66歲的 Tom Petty 意外服藥過量而死。

根據外媒的報導,Jane Benyo 一直住在這棟豪宅內,直到2015年被收回,隨後在 Selena Gomez 購入前先後換過兩個主人翁。

Selena Gomez 從頂級音樂主管 Randy Spendlove 手中買下這棟擁有10間浴室、一間按摩室、一間酒窖還有一個擁有溫水設備的游泳池,更看中了豪宅內的錄音棚設備,最適合在社交隔離的期間創作音樂。

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