While we’re all doing our part by self-quarantining and social distancing, self care doesn’t have to take a backseat. Feeling good inside and out can help us get through an anxiety ridden time and keep our spirits high. Here are some beauty and wellness treatments that you can do at home and by yourself, in lieu of going out to a salon. And perhaps by the end of this, you’ll even find yourself preferring to be the master of your own grooming and health rituals!

LED Therapy Mask

The science behind LED (Light Emitting Diode) therapy is that certain wavelengths of light can penetrate the skin and boost collagen production by increasing blood circulation. Besides getting a treatment from a dermatologist, there are many different brands out there making LED masks with varying price ranges. The Light Salon’s is a good mid-priced option that focuses on red and near infra red waves to combat signs of aging. It also has the benefit of being very lightweight, and is FDA-approved for eye safety, so you can actually wear it while working from home or during your latest Netflix binge.


Face Spatula

We’ve all heard of face rollers, but have you tried a face spatula? Instead of going out for a facial, a face spatula is a great tool for cleaning your skin at home. The device combines a thin spatula with ultrasonic vibrations, allowing you to remove whiteheads and gently exfoliate the top layer of skin. Gliding the underside of the spatula over your skin after applying serum also helps with the skin’s absorption of products. I primarily use the face spatula to remove small whiteheads that are hard to extract and it’s been incredibly effective.



Unable to go to your usual lash extension technician? That’s fine as you can easily do your own at home with the Lashify system. While it doesn’t replace the longevity of actual lash extensions, I find mine lasts 7-10 days on average when I use the Bondage Extra Strength Lash Bond. I’ve been using Lashify for almost a year now and it’s completely replaced professional lash extensions for me. I like that I can do it in the comfort of my own home, create the exact length, thickness and curvature I want, and it’s also healthier for your lashes overall.


AVVA Powder Dip Manicure

The most common gripe I’ve heard about personal grooming (or the lack thereof) during this period, is nail care. While we could do our own manicures with regular polish at home, for those of us that have been addicted to the longevity of Shellac and other gel manicures, or are simply not that skilled at applying polish, this powder dip is a great alternative. The result looks and feels like a gel manicure, and is way easier to do by yourself.


Redken Heatcure Professional Restoration Treatment

Whilst we’re giving our hair a break from heat styling, opt for an at-home heat treatment instead. The Redken Heatcure completely rejuvenated my dry, damaged hair, leaving me looking like I’d had a salon treatment. Be sure to either use it with the Redken tool, or a flat iron that is no hotter than 140 degrees Celsius.



One of the self care treatments I miss the most during this period is massages. Having a Theragun G3 Pro, which is one of the most powerful and ergonomically designed massage guns currently out there, has brought great relief to my chronic back pains.


Ear Seeding

Ear seeding is a form of auriculotherapy, derived from acupuncture. By taping small seeds to certain pressure points on the ear, the constant light pressure triggers the brain’s reflex centres to relax the nervous system and help with issues such as stress, aches and pains, mood and sleep quality.