Beginner: Lugard Road and High West

Lugard Road is one of the best easy hikes in Hong Kong with panoramic views of the city and the west outlying islands. It’s a 3 kilometre loop with breathtaking views nearly the entire way around. I love to do this loop if i want to do a quick 3 kilometre sprint to improve my flatwork or else I do it as a cruiser with my husband. If you want a little 40 minute detour, about half way around Lugard Road you will come to a park area. If you walk through the park you will see a small trail which you can follow to the base of High West. It’s a 20-30 minute stair climb to a small viewing point where you can enjoy dramatic views over Pok Fu Lam reservoir and out towards Lamma Island. High West mountain is 494 metres tall, and one of the best places to watch the sunset in Hong Kong.  I’d really recommend everyone to do this hike for a beautiful capture of Hong Kong and its various scenic views.

Intermediate: Sharp Peak in Tai Long Wan

This is one of the most dramatic looking peaks in Hong Kong, offering up some of the most stunning scenery. The heat can be intense so it is important to say hydrated and to wear a hat and long sleeves.  We drove to Sai Kung country park and then took a green taxi to Pak Tam Au where we started our hike to the trailhead detour that leads up to Sharp Peak. The first part of the hike is an easy downhill following the coastline and leafy jungle. After about half an hour, the looming, knife-edged peak creeps into view in following which a steep incline takes you to the top of a hill where you take the trailhead to the left to ascend Sharp Peak. It’s all rather easy with beautiful sea views until you are up close to sharp peak and that is when you start scrambling using your hands in parts up the rocky terrain until you get to a ridge with dramatic views over Sai Kung Peninsula. One last short rocky scramble takes you to the top of Sharp Peak and we are treated again with more incredible views this time of the outlying islands and China on one side and the beaches on the other. We then had one last hill to climb over at the far end of Tai Long Wan that dropped down into the next door beach where we had lunch at a local restaurant. If you live in Hong Kong, you absolutely must try this hike!

Advanced: West Dog’s Teeth in Lantau

I had heard West Dog’s Teeth was the hardest hike in Hong Kong so I was very excited to try it. It certainly did not disappoint. We took a taxi to Shek Pik Park where you will find the trail head of the hike. It was a beautiful, hot day and we headed up the trail on a gradual incline until we reached about 3 kilometres in. We then had to scramble up and use our hands to navigate up the rocks. It’s not too dangerous and soon we were high up above the reservoir and enjoying beautiful sea views. The trail then comes to an intersection where one goes to Middle dogs teeth, once goes back the way we came and the other was a very steep trail winding its way up to Lantau Peak. In total it was about a 900 metre ascent. We took our time so it probably took close to 3 hours, and then we made our way up the final climb of Lantau Peak which is the 2nd highest peak in Hong Kong after Tai Mo Shan. More beautiful sea views from here and a good view of neighbouring Sunset peak and then a relatively easy descent to Pak Kung Au. Don’t be scared to try this hike, its bark is worse than its bite and I would recommend giving it a go.