From the unwavering romance between destined lovers to the burning passion of a man for his craft, we make a grand toast to love in all its forms with dessert cocktails from the city’s most exciting bar openings. 


Kinsman was co-founded by Singular Concepts and dining editor Gavin Yeung, whose shared love for Wong Kar-wai’s era-defining films gave rise to the project. Rendered in a nostalgic palette of ruby reds and walnut brown, with cha chaan teng-inspired seats and an intimate glow suggestive of treasured nights you’ll never forget, Kinsman is a portal into a bygone era. No doubt due to Gavin’s background as an editor, the drinks program is as much of a story as the bar itself, centred around Cantonese spirits that are reinvigorated through modern cocktails we might imagine Su Li-zhen and Chow Mo-wan to be drinking if In the Mood for Love was filmed today.

Already a favourite amongst Kinsman’s guests, the ‘Rednaxela’ is an elegant dessert-style cocktail that plays on a slice of Hong Kong history. “The inspiration was Rednaxela Terrace, a street in Central that found its name as the result of a spelling error when ‘Alexander’ was flipped backwards by a colonial clerk who was none the wiser,” explains Gavin. “In the same vein, I flipped the recipe of the classic Alexander cocktail using ingredients hailing from Hong Kong and southern China.
” The result is a creamy blend of extra-thick soy milk from Ān Soy”, monkfruit spirit, fenjiu and red bean liquer that is nuanced and easy on the palate. 

65 Peel Street, Central;

Dead Poets

One look at Nikita Mavteev’s new bar and you’ll know it’s not your average cocktail haunt. “Dead Poets [pays] homage to our favourite artists who are no longer with us,” explains the renowned mixologist and showrunner of The Old Man. “We live and breathe music and want to showcase our love to the artists who have influenced our lives.” Serving coffee with a side of fresh fades and mullets by day, Dead Poets presents an unconventional nightly cocktail program that revives the creative spirit of icons like Sid Vicious or Amy Winehouse through bold recipes that are as much about the mixology team as they are about the musicians.

Aptly named after one of Jimi Hendrix’s most popular tracks, ‘Purple Dust’ is a playful twist on the classic gin-based Clover Club, combining blackcurrant, coconut-distilled gin and lime for a smooth concoction with a slight tangy mouthfeel. The cherry on top is a sprinkling of coconut flakes and popping candy as a reference to Jimi’s electric brilliance on and off the stage. It’s a clever way to expand the drinking experience into an auditory one too, which speaks to the devotion Dead Poets have towards their craft. “We’d like to think that each of the artists we are obsessed with, would also be obsessed with their namesake cocktails on our menu.”

41-49 Aberdeen Street, Central; @deadpoetshk

La Suite

Tucked away behind the theatrical curtains of Clarence lies La Suite, a classy speakeasy that brings the best of French mixology to Hong Kong. At its helm is none other than F&B veteran Max Traverse, a Versailles native whose formative bartending years at private luxury bars and Michelin-starred restaurants are recalled in La Suite’s sophisticated twist on the classics. One of their signatures is the eponymous ‘La Suite’, an indulgent cocktail inspired by a previous recipe from Max’s earlier days. “I made it differently in the past; it was served in a long glass, no cream, and it was quite big,” he says. “Now, we’ve switched to a coupe so it’s more refined, more La Suite.”

Crowned with a generous dollop of vanilla whipped cream and plump raspberries, the drink is a luxurious French dessert reimagined as a beverage. ‘La Suite’ boasts a variety of French delicacies without being too sweet: fresh raspberry and blackberry purée are blended with premium Ketel One vodka, crème de mûre, and crème de cassis, while a touch of apple and lemon juice add length and acidity. “You can drink it any time during the day but definitely after dinner, maybe with ice cream on the side or a piece of chocolate— very French.”

25/F, H Code, 45 Pottinger Street, Central;

Photography: Samantha Sin
Styling: Ella Wong