In recent years, Hong Kong has upped its game in the ice cream stakes. And what better time to enjoy ice cream than on July 18, National Ice Cream day? Imports from America have brought creative flavours and wild toppings, while historic Italian brands keep things traditional with their perfectly creamy gelatos. Asian-inspired ice cream stores have emerged too, from Japanese shops serving up vibrant green matcha-flavoured soft serve, to those sandwiching ice cream into traditional Hong Kong egg waffles.


Hailing from Seoul, Baekmidang was established in 1964 and uses milk direct from Nanyang dairy in Seoul. Made with 100% organic milk from the farm, their ice creams offers a fresh taste and is true to their name “百味堂”, translating to one hundred taste hall for a sensational, flavourful experience. On top of their signature flavour the Baekmidang soft milk ice cream, they also offer floats and other classics such as matcha chocolate ice cream. Not only are Baekmidang soft serves visually pleasing, but they also hold a very rich and distinctive milk flavour that is difficult to replicate elsewhere.

K11 Musea, Tsim Sha Tsui;

Barista by Givres

Givres is best known for their delectable gelatos, intricately styled to mimic a rose. When ordering this unique creation, guests are given the choice to have one, two, or even three flavours to mix and match however they wish. Givres also combines their signature gelato rose with a shot of espresso, a homemade waffle, or a cup of iced coffee, for those wishing to spice up their ice cream. As customers have complete freedom of how their gelato rose looks and tastes, each handcrafted creation is one of a kind but undoubtedly tasty.

7 Staunton Street, Central;


Combining the creamy, milky texture of Japanese soft serve ice cream with innovative flavours, it is no surprise that iCREAMERiA is a local favourite. Offering their signature Japanese soft-serve ice cream in addition to cakes, yogurts and sandwiches, iCREAMERiA’s vast variety of offerings are sure to please even the ice cream adverse. Their signature ice cream flavour is vanilla, but they also offer a chocolate and traditional uji-matcha flavour from Kyoto, served in the middle of a sweet Japanese melon. Other notable highlights include their luxurious gold foil ice cream and Monbana Chocolate Affogato. Their instagram-worthy ice cream creations are as delicious as they are photogenic, rendering iCREAMERiA a must go destination during Hong Kong’s hot summer months and beyond.

1/F Fashion Walk, Causeway Bay; @icremeria



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Making their way from a cold-press juice outlet hidden in Gough street to a chic vegetarian cafe in Hong Kong’s trendy K11 MUSEA, DAMA is well known for their colourful, vegan ice cream. With four alternating flavours of the day, explore unique ice cream concoctions including red dragon fruit, bamboo charcoal, pineapple ginger, and durian to tickle your taste buds. In order for guests to explore the full DAMA experience, a tasting set of four mini cones allows for experimentation across the various flavours. This plant based restaurant is suitable for people who are lactose intolerant, vegan, or simply health conscious – given that their fruit to ice cream ratio is up to 80%, these soft serves are healthy and delicious.

K11 MUSEA, Tsim Sha Tsui; @damajuice

Twist & Buckle 

Founded by two best friends from South America who wished to sell the churros they ate growing up, Twist & Buckle is Hong Kong’s first ever churreria. Their churros are light and crunchy, served with an unconventional side of ice-cream. Guests can choose their own churro and soft-serve flavours, while toppings include both classic and innovative flavours. Combining a piping hot and freshly fried churro with creamy dollops of ice cream, Twist & Buckle’s churro ice cream sundaes are sweet, chewy delights – and they look great in photos too.

29-31 Chatham Road South, Tsim Sha Tsui; @twistandbuckle


Established as a chocolatier in Turin, Italy in 1878, Venchi has been crafting authentic Italian gelato since 2007. They now have 11 stores around Hong Kong, where they scoop up decadent gelato daily using fresh, natural ingredients — milk, fruit and nuts — all topped with their famous hot chocolate sauce. The ice cream can then be rolled in either dried raspberries, hazelnuts, grains, nougatine or chocaviar (grains of 75% dark chocolate). For every month of the summer, they will be introducing one new flavour to go alongside their classic pistachio and hazelnut, and winning chocolate scoops.

Multiple locations including G/F Shop, The Pottinger, 21 Stanley Street, Central;

Emack & Bolio’s

Touting themselves as the “rock stars of the ice cream world” Emack and Bolio’s life began in Boston in 1975 with Bob Rook, a music lawyer to the stars (Al Green, Aerosmith and James Brown to name a few). He wanted to create a place where musicians could go after gigs to chill out and satisfy their midnight munchies, as the clubs were forced to close at midnight under the Boston Blue Laws. Flavours are suitably fun, from the cake batter and s’moreo to the space cake and salted caramel chocolate pretzel, and there’s a good selection of vegan ice creams too. 

26 Cochrane St, Central;

Gelat etc.

This sleek, black-tile fronted shop on Sai Yuen Lane in Sai Ying Pun is a neighbourhood secret. It serves scoops of delicious handcrafted gelato in flavours ranging from the classic to the more obscure: pistachio, chocolate and hazelnut beside a Japanese hojicha, pink guava and earl grey. Aside from the gelato, which can be ordered as either a single or double flavour, or as a 600ml family pack, there’s a healthy list of smoothies with names like “pink lady,” and “avo dream.”

1 Sai Yuen Lane, Shop 2 G/F, Artisan House, Sai Ying Pun;

Happy Cow

Located at the Central Wheel, this vegan ice cream spot has been styled like a classic theme park vendor and sells a plant-based frozen dessert made from coconut cream and organic coconut sugar. It’s mixed together with handmade jams and fruits, and promises never to use artificial flavours, colours or preservatives. Happy Cow’s summer fruit flavours include a pineapple coconut, banana caramel, strawberry and golden pillow durian, while lollipop sticks of ice cream can be bought smothered in caramel sauce and cookie chips or sprinkles. 

33 Man Kwong St, Central;

Via Tokyo

This popular shop in Tsim Sha Tsui and Causeway Bay draws long lines for it’s Japanese soft-serve ice cream, in flavours of Hokkaido milk and matcha green tea. Open until 11pm daily, it attracts a young crowd for its creamy whips that use tea leaves sourced from Kyoto, the home of green tea. Our favourites are the seasonal black sesame flavour and the Uji Matcha, best enjoyed with a mochi and a blue and white porcelain cup of hōjicha, a Japanese green tea distinctive because it is roasted in a porcelain pot over charcoal, in comparison to others that are steamed. 

29 Cameron Rd, Tsim Sha Tsui;