Loewe 的期間限定店正式開幕,由即日起於 Landmark 展出至十月一日。品牌更把今季時裝展內的設計概念帶到香港,結合工藝及藝術文化,令展覽場地化身成大型藝術裝置。

@Loewe 的期間限定店正式開幕,由即日起於 Landmark 展出至十月一日。品牌更把今季時裝展內的設計概念帶到香港,結合工藝及藝術文化,令展覽場地化身成大型藝術裝置。VOGUE Hong Kong 跟隨演員 @L_For_Louise、歌手 @JasmineYen、運動員 @CceciliaYeung、藝術家 @LynusWoo、舞蹈員 @2Jin.01 及音樂家 @OliviaXiaoLin,六人穿梭期間限定店之中,型格演繹 Loewe 全新 2023秋冬時尚,一同探索全新Squeeze bag系列的時尚魅力。
    The Loewe pop-up store in Landmark has arrived! Brimming with the brand’s creative spirit, the limited-edition showcase presents the brand’s new autumn/winter 2023 collection. Vogue Hong Kong follows along as Louise Wong, Jasmine Yen, Cecilia Yeung, Lynus Woo, Olivia Dawn and Yijin Kim explore the artful space, discovering Loewe’s latest designs and the playful charm of their new Squeeze bag. The pop-up store will be open until October 1st, 2023.
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by Second Li, Harrod To

4 Jan 2024

Video Director: Man Chun
Videographers: Matthew Ma
Motion Graphics: Jorge Mejia
Producers: Second Li, Harrod To
Gaffer: Ronald Shek
Project Assistant: Audrey Miu, Christy Lam