The Wrong 雙年展,由2013年 David Quiles Guilló 創立,首個以分散式藝術活動為主,涵蓋線上及線下的藝術展覽。去年便有超過180多個策展人在過百個地點分別展示出超過2,000多個藝術家作品,從數碼化的藝術創作、到治療式的「淨化」和「整合」、還是喜歡成星際旅行等等,無窮無盡的網絡文化創作,探索世界各地的每個藝術角落。

《Well Now WTF?》

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?⚠️MAJOR ANNOUNCEMENT⚠️? Silicon Valet is thrilled to present “Well Now WTF,” an online exhibition curated by @asugarhigh, @lorna.mills, & @habitualtruant. Virtual opening party Saturday, April 4th from 5PM – 7PM PST. More in bio. Feat. work by: @abillmiller @minoliti @fakechildhood @alex_mcleod_ @alicebucknell @almaalloro @andresmanniste @anthonyantonellis @digitalqueer / @s3lf13star @hellocatfood @_bensang @recyclism @carlagannis / @cdotadotrdotldotadot @uncannysfvalley @reas @cassiemcquater @chiarapassa @chris__content @aevtarperform @claudiabitran @claudhart @realclusterfuck @rottytooth @d0n.xyz @crashingwavy @artistdominic @elektrakb @ellen.gif @eltonskuns @hexangel616 @lapadatjanzen @ericamagrey @_eringee @gifnugget @guidosegni @hyomyoungkim @leegte @ideath_ @jeremybailey @jillianmmcdonald @kamiliakard @t2r.calm @lauraonsale @pibbi.lonce @lillyhandley @lorna.mills @lovidlovid @maraoscar_cassiani @mrkdrf @markaklink @obj.agency @molly.erh @bloatedandalone4evr1993 @nicolassassoon @saucyunicorn @oliasvetlanova_ @cyber.doula @pastichelumumba @peterburr @petra_cortright @rafiasworld @reeraw @ricksilva.jpg @iritadescence @thanks_dad @ryantrecartin @suntafrance @saraludy @sebastianschmieg @cleogirl2525 @whosthereplease @sydney_shavers @terrelldavis.me @theo.trian @tiareribeaux @travess @wednesdaykimm @willpap24 @esnufkin_ @yoshisodeoka Museums are closed. School is cancelled. The world is shut off and we’re stuck indoors. All the bread has been sold and Twitter has lost its mind. Fox News is killing off its own demographic. With everything going on, we ask ourselves: Well Now WTF? We have no answer, but we do know how to make GIFs. As co-curator Lorna Mills suggests, “Why masturbate alone, when we can all be wankers together?” Well Now WTF? is as much an art show as a community gathering. Throughout the exhibition, we will hold online events on the site itself and via Twitch where people can gather and talk as they would normally for a physical exhibition. #SiliconValet #WellNowWTF #onlineexhibition #digitalart #netart #expandedpractice #expandedinternetart

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Silicon Valet 是全球虛擬的藝術樞紐,透過互聯網集合世界各地的藝術家們。四月上旬,便舉辦一場名為《Well Now WTF?》由Faith Holland、Lorna Mills 和 Wade Wallerstein 所策劃,邀請超過80位藝術家展示數碼化藝術作品,獲得空前成功。展覽將會在5月2日加開數碼藝術,並有25位以上的藝術家加盟。

《Earth Perspective》Olafur Eliassson

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#EarthPerspectives – 6/9: The Earth view above Chernobyl, Pripyat, Ukraine ? Today we launch Olafur Eliasson’s #EarthPerspectives – a new participatory artwork for Earth Day 2020 as part of the Serpentine's #BacktoEarth project. Tap the link in our bio to participate ✨ ——————— Chernobyl, in Pripyat, Ukraine. It is the site of the worst nuclear disaster in history, where rare and endangered species now thrive in the absence of humans. After the historic meltdown of the Chernobyl nuclear power plant in 1986, the surrounding area was evacuated and has been uninhabited by humans ever since. In the immediate aftermath, radiation caused the leaves of thousands of trees to turn a rust color, lending it the nickname ‘Red Forest’. Chernobyl became synonymous with death. The Chernobyl Exclusion Zone straddles Ukraine and Belarus, and, over the decades, it has become a giant experiment in rewilding – though perhaps it hasn’t been rewilded so much as de-humaned. By definition, an exclusion zone removes people, and an unintended by-product of such a measure is space freed up for wildlife to roam. Research on the effects of the disaster has found numerous mutations in the local wildlife due to radiation, but overall not as fatal as one might expect. Today, animals that are usually scarce from human-occupied landscapes, especially larger ones like wolves, bison, and bears, are relatively abundant in the Pripyat region. Countless birds, many endangered, also make their homes there. #EarthPerspectives #BacktoEarth @art2030org #EarthDay2020 #ArtforaHealthyPlanet #artforglobalgoals

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著名的丹麥藝術家 Olafur Eliasson 向來藝術都以關注環境為主題,趁着上星期的「地球日」聯手與 Serpentine 藝術館推出《Back to Earth》系列,以9張不同國家或是地區的地圖,中間都標上黑點,讓觀眾凝視黑點數十秒,地圖隨即會消失,但由於眼睛凝視後鮮豔的抽象圖像後,再看空白的空間便會出現殘影,這殘影也就成為藝術家展現的「新世界觀」。


《People of a Darker Hue》 (2016) 和《Lincoln, Lonnie 和我》 (2012)

Carrie Mae Weems 的藝術作品都與歷史息息相關,目的是讓觀眾從作品中進入現在、甚至邁向更理想的未來。藝術家將畢生作品無論是電影還是行為藝術,都收錄在個人 YouTube 頻道上。好像《Lincoln、Lonnie 和我》通過總統林肯和藝術家 ‘lonnie Graham 為中心來調借美國歷史,或是《People of a Darker Hue》反映出政治暴力傷害手無寸鐵的人等等。


《Dial-a-Poem》John Giorno

藝術家 John Giorno 最初在1968年與 William S. Burroughs 對話後,這個藝術至今仍持續進行中,通過致電+1 (641) 793 8122 , 你能聽到著名詩人如Emmett Williams、Frank Lima、John Ashbery 和 Taylor Mead 等人的詩句,內容更由15台電話答錄機保留通話紀錄。

《Answers from Isolation》

同樣在4月份開始, Tracey Emin 開始在 White Cube 社交平台上分享自我隔離的日記,整整一個星期的時間每日如日記般記載生活,從而點名其他藝術家接棒完成一星期挑戰,如 Antony Gormley 到 Sara Morris 。而倫敦的另一個家藝廊也在推出《Answers from Isolation》 Martine Syms、Olivia Laing 和 Charlie Fox 分享對煮食、音樂、未來願景等內容。


《The Infinite Drone Series》

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? Ready to melt into infinity? Experience Yayoi Kusama's Infinity Mirrored Room—The Souls of Millions of Light Years Away (2013) with a remix of @YannNovak's Again and Again Until We Feel Nothing by @RobertCrouch. ___ Robert Crouch is an artist and curator whose work encompasses sound, performance, and technology. As an artist, he locates his work with the intersection of post-phenomenological listening practices, conceptual sound art, and contemporary electronic music. At its core, his work can be understood as a conversation between tonality, context, history, and subjectivities. Similarly, Crouch’s curatorial work focuses on the overlapping disciplines of sound, technology, movement, and performance.

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相信有不少人都瀏覽過草間彌生的 Infinity Mirriored Room 或是透過社交平台看過如此 Instagrammable 的藝術相片,但在疫情發生之前,位於洛杉磯的 The Broad 當代藝術館便有着常常的 Waiting list, 排隊觀賞的人多得很。不過隨着疫情發生,藝術館決定提供網上瀏覽探索草間彌生的藝術世界。

Not Cancelled

Not Cancelled 是網上藝術展覽,為獨立藝術家提供一星期藝術展覽的時間展示,最近在 Not Cancelled Paris 展出的是來自美國的畫家Eliza Douglas、瑞士組合Linus Bill + Adrien Horni 及 Zoe Williams 作品;還有 Warsaw 的 Jarosław Kozłowski 循環系列及Dzień dobry 的畫作。


《Whitney Screens》

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Join us tomorrow evening for our inaugural #WhitneyScreens. Each Friday, we’ll be sharing one-time-only screenings of video works recently brought into the Museum's collection. To kick things off, we're streaming Alex Da Corte's Rubber Pencil Devil on Friday, April 17 at 7 pm (link in profile). ⁣ In conjunction with the program, DeMartini Family Curator and Director of Curatorial Initiatives David Breslin (@davidcbreslin) offers a #CollectionReflection on this video work:⁣ ⁣ "If numbness is your condition, or some other variety of today's sadness, ennui, boredom, and anger-affliction cocktail, I offer an escape: Alex Da Corte's Rubber Pencil Devil. This nearly three-hour film is so crammed with life's electricity that it crackles within you.⁣ ⁣ It's dense with references—from Sesame Street characters to queer icons like Peter Pan and Dolly Parton—that semiotically grind on each other like rocks making sparks. But for all of its knowing allusions to moments in art history, the work's key subject is vulnerability.⁣ ⁣ My favorite scene is when Da Corte, playing Mister Rogers, silently performs the ritual that began every episode of the childhood icon's show. He enters the room in his khakis and chromatically drenched cardigan and sits down to change his shoes. But in Da Corte's short-circuited version, he's soon out the door again, only to come back in a different sweater, repeated again and again. This poignant, repetitive rehearsal plucks the heart so hard because it's the best representation I've ever seen of melancholy—stuck in sadness, unable—but trying valiantly—to break through."⁣ #WhitneyFromHome —⁣ #AlexDaCorte, still from Rubber Pencil Devil, 2018. HD digital video, color, sound; 2 hrs. 40 min. Whitney Museum of American Art, New York; promised gift of Candace and Michael Barasch. © Alex Da Corte

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由 the Whitney Museum 設立的視頻頻道,每逢星期五便會放映新進藝術家的作品,最近有 Alex Da Corte 的《Rubber Pencil Devil》、Clarissa Tossin 的《Ch’u Maya》。


《Platform: London》

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?Sara Cwynar (@cwynars) surveys the transitory object-life of visual matter in our time of image infatuation. Her composite photographs of found objects and images court feelings of time passing and glamour fading. Using studio sets, collage, and re-photography the artist produces intricate tableaux that draw from magazine advertisements, the Internet, a personal image archive and catalogues. ‘Marilyn’, Cwynar’s new solo show at The Approach, can be viewed via the gallery’s website ⁣ ⁣ Pictured: Sara Cwynar, ‘Red Rose II’, (2020), presented by @ApproachGallery. ⁣ —⁣ ?Korakrit Arunanondchai’s (@kritbangkok) multi-layered practice – which includes film-making, painting, installation and performance – reflects on technology and spirituality, the accumulation of data, the fragility of memory and the interfaces between world history and personal experience, and the Anthropocene. This work by Arunanonchdai is part of his ongoing ‘History Painting’ series, first exhibited at @momaps1. This series incorporates stretched denim – tie-dyed with bleach, burnt and patched up with photographic renderings of the very flames that scorched them.⁣ ⁣ Pictured: Korakrit Arunanondchai, ‘History painting (frame)’, (2020), presented by @Carlos_Ishikawa.⁣ ⁣ Both works are on view in ‘Platform: London’, now live at #DavidZwirnerOnline. Tap the link in bio to explore the exhibition and make inquiries.⁣ —⁣ Artist Portraits:⁣ Sara Cwynar photographed by Aubrey Mayer⁣ Korakrit Arunanondchai photographed by Benjamin Bechet (J1, Marseille)⁣ ⁣ #saracwynar #korakritarunanondchai #approachgallery #carlosishikawa⁣

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David Zwirner 創作的《Platform: London》聯合12個倫敦藝廊,從 The Approach 到 Arcadia Missa、Soft Opening 等等都無懼疫情的限制,一一網上展示出藝術家最為動人的作品。


Freewall Space

4月初的時候,藝術家 Henry Kitcher 和 George Stuart 創建了 Freewall Space 打着宣揚當代數碼化藝術為旗號,每天3點會上載一位藝術家的藝術名稱,只要根據藝廊的網站查看, 便能看見所上載的藝術家品作。


Andy Warhol


Tate Modern 有史以來最為盛大的 Andy Warhol 展覽也被迫閉館,但最近藝術館上載視像瀏覽,由策劃人 Gregor Muir 和 Fiontán Moran 帶領觀眾觀看展覽,透過他們親自講述藝術家的種種創作故事,深入了解 Andy Warhol 的藝術創作歷程。

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