Eleven years ago, Victoria Beckham shed her Posh Spice persona to cut her teeth in the fashion industry, launching first with a 15-look collection of dresses that shared the same body-con fit from waist to mid-calf. Over the course of a decade, Beckham’s design DNA evolved from figure-hugging silhouettes to neatly-tailored suits, appealing to the smart, polished working woman that Beckham has undoubtedly become herself. Now, over 30 collections deep, the British fashion designer returns her focus to the dress – this time, with an effortlessly graceful silhouette seen through the female gaze.

Desirable, uncomplicated, feel-good dresses were at the heart of Victoria Beckham’s Spring/Summer 2020 collection. There was a real sense of the woman’s body achieved not by revealing too much skin, but with airy movement, romantic volume, and cascades of ruffles that danced around the figure. “They feel very light and flattering — you feel very little in them,” Beckham described backstage.

Spirited, complexion-brightening colours like bold green and royal purple made an impact, while rich maroons and butter yellows soothed with subtle saturation. Suiting was neatly-tailored but not too tight, coming in new neutrals — crisp all-white tuxedos or beige gradients — and flamboyant ‘70s combos such as a windowpane check blazer worn with bubblegum pink trousers and a silk button-down shirt with wide, pointed collars. There was a return to basics for accessories, too: oversized sunglasses, leather loafers, and strappy stilettos that were versatile and easy to wear. Everything felt natural, unforced, and cohesive, an uplifting reflection of Victoria Beckham’s design legacy today.