Ever since her rousing debut for autumn/winter 2020, Nensi Dojaka has captivated celebrities, street-stylers and fashion editors alike. The Albanian-born, London-based designer’s LBDs reached cult status last year: global shopping platform Lyst ranked her asymmetric style among its top ten “hottest products” in the first quarter of 2021.

Autumn/winter 2022 – her second solo show – boasts innately sexy appeal. Cue: poppy colours, organza and her signature stringy details aplenty. Read on for the lowdown on Nensi Dojaka’s autumn/winter 2022 showcase.

The collection is inherently feminine

When asked to sum up her autumn/winter 2022 collection in a single word, Nensi chooses “feminine”. “Femininity will always be there,” she says. Be it her flattering organza and georgette creations or her signature body-flossing details, Nensi’s pieces are sexy with a capital S. Building upon the brand’s failsafe hero pieces, “the collection is bigger this time because I pressured myself that it has to be better… there is more to play with,” explains Dojaka.

Long dresses take centre stage

Creating custom gowns for Camille Charrière and Zendaya inspired Nensi to lengthen her hemlines. “I really like long dresses,” says the staunch minidress advocate. Nensi’s autumn/winter 2022 maxis are “not as ‘evening’” as Zendaya’s, and – according to Nensi – “slightly easier to wear”. The question is, who will be first to wear Nensi’s new It-dresses?

There’s more colour… sequins! And velvet!

Nensi has dabbled with colour before, but this season marks a confident stride into bold Pantone territory. Fuschia and beige looks provide a “good break” between her signature black pieces, while sequin looks inspired by a ’60s-era picture she saw in Vogue – “it looked wet… like fish scales” – are also to die for. The most surprising addition to Dojaka’s world? Velvet.

Nensi wanted to “show less skin”

Showing skin is the norm for Nensi, but this season she interspersed her skimpy looks with more wearable layering pieces. “There are a lot of things that are very day to day,” she says. Nensi notes the knitted tops, in particular, are “easy to match” with her separates. “I wanted to show people how they can wear the sheer pieces with other stuff.”

Prepare to wear sandals in winter

“I really wanted to do a shoe with straps to reflect a bit of what I do on the dresses,” she shares. The result? Stringy, split-toe sandals. “It was crazy, but we did it,” she says of doing sandals in winter.