Natacha Ramsay-Levi looked to three female artists for Chloé’s Autumn/Winter 2020 collection, entitled “If You Listen Carefully… I’ll Show You How to Dance.” Before the show, she sent guests an invitation with a poster of a painting by Rita Ackermann, whose work from the ‘90s later appeared as prints in the collection. At the show, French artist Marion Verboom’s tall golden totem sculptures lined the runway, and Marianne Faithful’s smoky voice filled the soundtrack with a reading of Lord Byron’s “She Walks in Beauty.” It was a union of painting, sculpture and poetry that invoked “a potent synergy of performative spirits.” “Yes, clothes are great,” said Ramsay-Levi, “but I love creative women.”

The collaborative spirit of women translated to an abundance of wardrobe essentials flourishing with effortless femininity and French girl elan. Chloé’s ‘70s bohemia was refreshed with modern versatility. Romantic dresses appeared with crochet detailing and enamel embroidery, blouses featured jewelled buttons and cuff links, and blazers were worn with sleeves rolled up and decorative pins. The colour palette focused on easy neutrals and earthy materials, while sturdy boots and practical handbags gave a sense of real-life freedom. “Chloé doesn’t stand for any one thing,” Ramsay-Levi said backstage. “It’s an open identity, something for the woman who wears it to define.”