Dubbed BTS’ “Golden Maknae” for his innate ability to excel in everything he does, pop culture icon Jung Kook lives up to the name in other ways too. Whether its a kombucha he’s been drinking, the perfumes he’s been spritzing, or the lip balms he’s been swiping, everything he touches turns to gold. The same goes for the clothing he’s spotted in: designer or not, his garments sell out in the mere days that follow their viral appearances online (read: his late-night Karaoke knit set from Korean label F8ke Chemical Club).

For the “Sold Out King” and Calvin Klein global ambassador, style has never been complicated. Since debuting as a K-pop idol at the tender age of 15, Jung Kook has harnessed a power to seamlessly adapt to a wide range of looks that keeps things exciting for devout fans— from cherry-coloured hair and flashy suits, to swishy bowl cuts and ruffled blouses. However, any Army will tell you that his signature style is as laidback as he. Jung Kook remains partial to comfort-casual wardrobe staples that stand the test of time, favouring brands like Supreme, Nike and Balenciaga for edgy streetwear pieces ruled by a form meets function philosophy. Imbued with elements of ‘90s grunge and punk, his everyday outfits often check the following boxes: an oversized boxy tee, a utilitarian backpack, some baggy trousers, a chunky pair of stomping shoes, and a bucket hat or beanie pulled down just above those sparkling doe eyes.