Breaking Free From Labels And Starting Fresh

After releasing her single “Believe In You” in 2019, Tia Lee has taken a step back from the limelight. Following her debut, the rising creative embarked on an uphill journey where she overcame challenges and roadblocks that built her into who she is today. Three years later, she is ready to set sail again and to show the world her new self. In the hopes that women will be able to watch Tia’s journey and learn from her story, Tia presents “Goodbye Princess”, where she revisits the experiences that shaped her into who she is today. Tia Lee is no longer afraid of naysayers and has put the past behind her.

After entering the entertainment industry as a model, Tia made her musical debut in three-member girl group, Dream Girls. She embarked on her journey as a singer, quickly gaining recognition in the industry. “The most memorable moment in my life since I started my career is being a part of the idol girl group Dream Girls”, Tia recalls. “I was really shy back then. In hindsight, presenting myself in front of many people as a singer was quite challenging, so I am grateful that I was able to overcome my timidness in the past.” 

“I’ve also starred in a few movies, and the one that left the deepest impression on me was “One Headlight”. The film follows three people from different walks of life as they cross paths. They uplift and support each other through music and through this they discover their own self-worth”, Tia explains. Unfortunately, the film was met with harsh criticism, which came with a wave of negative news coverage that Tia had to face head-on. “The characters’ experiences touched me in “One Headlight”, which encouraged me to continue pursuing my dreams and reminded me why I started in the first place”, she expresses. In 2018, she travelled extensively to enrich herself. These new experiences led to many revelations for Tia. “Life is about continuously stepping out of your comfort zone. You will see all the beautiful things this world has to offer when you do.”

“Goodbye Princess” Kicks Off Tia’s Return With A Bang

Every girl has dreamt of becoming a princess and finding their happily ever after. But what does happiness mean to Tia? Tia returns with “Goodbye Princess”, an animated series comprising six episodes based on Tia’s thoughts and encounters from when she first made her start in the entertainment industry. Every episode of the series features a princess that illustrates Tia’s journey into entertainment, her experiences and her struggles, and is portrayed by Tia herself. Here, she breaks the stereotype of the typical fairytale princess. “Even though I have been hurt, the pain inflicted on me has taught me to learn how to love myself more. To love others, I must learn to love myself first”, she muses.

Tia’s story begins with a magical transformation

The first animation episode, “Falling in the Deep”, features Tia as a mermaid. In fact, it’s Tia’s favourite episode in the series. Looking every bit a mystical mermaid, Tia wore a sheer green and white couture dress by Valentino, with crystal heels by Bottega Veneta and diamond pearl earrings by Jennifer Behr. The episode opens with Tia swimming in calm, blue waters. By chance, she comes across an old television set on the seabed, which happens to be a portal that transcends time and space. Deeply captivated by the colourful lights from the tunnel, she swims through it. In the kaleidoscope of lights are easter eggs that show imagery of Tia’s modelling days during the start of her career, unveiling the pop singer’s story with a surprise. “This makes me recall the days before I entered the industry, when I disregarded everything just to chase my dream. That fearless Tia persevered for a long time before her dreams came true.”

The Princess Set Foot On Land To Chase Her Dreams. Is it A Blessing Or A Curse?

After swimming into the tunnel, the mermaid realises that her tail has transformed into a pair of legs. Her legs are now bleeding, turning the pristine blue waters red. Ashamed and shocked, she sinks deeper into the ocean, signifying a departure from the fairytale and moving into reality. Tia realises that in order to pursue her dream, she must overcome the fear in her heart, so the mermaid within can walk to the land to discover her own path. “My eyes brimmed with tears when I first watched this animation. These years in the entertainment industry have not been easy.” Tia continues, “I took a lot of blows and faced many false accusations and different challenges. Sometimes, I get tired and have thought about giving up, but this mermaid with a dream rekindled the flame within me.” Like the mermaid, young, naive Tia was fascinated by the glitz and glamour of show business and found herself in an abyss. What happens next? We’ll have to wait and see.

Life can often be harsh. We can learn from our struggles and use it to write our own fairy tale.

Tia Lee