Twins are having a moment. Street style photographers are snapping them outside of fashion shows, designers are putting twins (or at least “twinning” ensembles) on the runway, and there’s even science to back up the phenomenon of “workplace twinning.” Perhaps that’s where it all started—the idea of matching with your friend for a photo on social media has evolved into an obsession with the real thing.

Fashion’s favorite twins are particularly big on Instagram. The Japanese pop sensations Ami and Aya Suzuki, known as Amiaya, have a combined following of 233,000. After sitting front row at Gucci last week, they’re destined to earn a few thousand more. Atlanta-based twins Molly and Reese Blutstein, meanwhile, are New York’s new fashion darlings, having made their runway debut as “flower girls” in the Collina Strada show. “I’m friends with Hillary [Taymour, the Collina Strada designer],” Reese says. “She always casts really cool and interesting people, so it was fun getting to know the others backstage. It was kind of scary when we walked out on the runway, but it was fine, because Molly and I had each other.”

Reese and Molly are often shot by street style photographers, too, and sometimes they wear similar colors—but never the same outfit. “From an outsider’s point of view, we look very similar and we pretty much act the same,” Reese says. “But the way we style certain pieces is how we stand apart. We’ve always loved clothes, and we have always cared about the way we present ourselves to the outside world. I think within our family, me and Molly bonded over that the most. I think the main role fashion plays [in our relationship] is how we are different, and I think we hold onto those differences a lot because throughout our lives, we will always be compared. So it’s nice to know what makes us individuals.” As for fashion’s newfound obsession with twins, Reese adds: “I think people just like bonding over something they can relate to, and dressing the same is an easy way to do that. I also think people are interested in actual twins because it’s not uncommon, but it’s also not something you come across every day. We do look very similar, so I think it always throws people off.”

From an outsider’s point of view, we look very similar and we pretty much act the same, but the way we style certain pieces is how we stand apart.

Reese Blutstein

Sabrina and Sarah Guessab, who are based in Paris, shared a similar sentiment. “Our personal aesthetics are very similar, and I’d say we share the same point of view on fashion,” Sarah says. “We always agree about outfits, and we share the same tastes. I think that’s [part of having] a twin sister! But we are not the exact same person—we think in different ways.” She and Sabrina collaborate on their blog, Y’en a Pas Deux Comme Moi, but recently became separated by thousands of miles: Sabrina is living in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, while Sarah is studying abroad in London. Dividing their wardrobe was easy, though: Sabrina took the summer clothes, Sarah the winter sweaters and coats.

“I think it’s a good thing [to be apart], because we’ve never been separated before and we have to experience being on our own,” Sabrina says. “Everyone told us we were going to suffer, but we needed to live far away from each other, just for a few months, to see how we can manage without our other half. We talk every day about the latest drops, fashion news, and of course we talk very seriously about our upcoming project, which is launching our own brand,” Sarah says. “On our website, we write about exhibitions and fashion events that we attend in London or Rio, so this way, everyone can see what each twin is up to!”

Meet Sabrina, Sarah, Reese, and Molly below, plus more of the stylish twins you should be following now.


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1. Molly and Reese Blutstein

Instagram: @mollyblutstein and @double3xposure

Based in: Atlanta, Georgia

Twinning style highlights: The Blutsteins have become low-key style icons, especially for petite girls; click to their accounts if you’re in the market for short-inseam jeans or pants. They have an eye for quirky handbags and shoes, too. At just 22 years old, they’re adept at giving trends a youthful, clever twist; whether Molly is in a pantsuit or Reese is in a high-slit dress with tights, they always look of-the-moment, but not try-hard.


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2. Ami and Aya Suzuki, aka Amiaya

Instagram: @ayaxxamiaya and @amixxamiaya

Based in: Tokyo, Japan

Twinning style highlights: Ami and Aya Suzuki (better known as Amiaya) are huge in Japan, and they’re quickly becoming Fashion Week fixtures in Europe and New York. Their matching pink hair makes them easy to spot in the crowds, and they often wear similar outfits, whether it’s the exact same leopard coat or a polka-dot dress in two different colours.


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3. Sabrina and Sarah Guessab

Instagram: @guessabrina and @guessarah

Based in: Paris, France; Sabrina is currently in Rio de Janeiro and Sarah is in London, where they’ve been covering Fashion Week, Carnival, and other local events on their blog, Ye’en a Pas Deux Comme Moi (French for “There Are No Two Like Me”).

Twinning style highlights: Both sisters have a thing for bold colors, mashed-up prints, crop tops, and the ’90s—and everything they wear looks even cooler with their major curls. In Rio, Sabrina naturally takes a lot of selfies on the beach, and has stocked up on bold swimsuits and vintage sunglasses. Sarah is leaning a bit grungier in London; for the London Fashion Week shows, she layered on head-to-toe plaids and high-top sneakers.


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4. Se Rim and Se Yeon Lee

Instagram: @qndqhd

Based in: Seoul, South Korea

Twinning style highlights: Wondering what Se Rim and Se Yeon Lee are wearing in their Instagram posts? It’s likely something from their new label, Chunky. These twins make the case for coordinating—not matching!—ensembles, like a fur-trimmed jacket in bright yellow or turquoise. There’s a subversive touch to their style, too. They’ll hook chains though their jeans, or wear fishnet tights under prim minis, and both girls have the same bleached, blunt haircut. Expect to see more of them on the streets of Seoul Fashion Week.

Originally published by American Vogue.