Having swam since the age of 13 and now holding 13 Hong Kong swimming records, Stephanie looks back upon her remarkable journey, “I’m sure my physical strength was better as a kid, but I’m not too worried- my coach has thoughtfully adapted training regimens for me. The only thing I can do is give it my all.” Even more important to Stephanie, though, is using sport as a medium to discover the true joys of life. There are hundreds of thousands of ways to seek happiness, but for Stephanie, sharing and giving back easily puts her in a positive frame of mind.


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Adoringly nicknamed ‘Mermaid’ and a favourite of the renowned brands she’s partnered with, Stephanie shares what she’s learnt from being a top athlete: “I often overthink, probably because I’m a Gemini. Sometimes I experience negative feelings and want to give up. Thinking deeper, though, it can’t be helped- humans’ emotions naturally fluctuate, like how athletes can’t perform at their best every single time. In retrospect, I really owe a lot of valuable experiences to sport- it’s earned me prestigious titles and the honour of being named one of the Hong Kong Ten Outstanding Young Persons. I have always resonated with my identity as an athlete, and I really want to share the good qualities that come with it- they can belong to anyone.”

Sport doesn’t always have to be a competition; its positive impacts on peoples’ values make the world a better place.

Stephanie Au

“One of sport’s inherent benefits is that it lets you realise your fullest potential. You have to face adversity while keeping a level head. This resilience is what can change the world.” Driven by her belief that sport is a vehicle for positivity, the swimmer has even delved into the creative world. The sportswoman joined forces with Nike in 2018. Her self-inspired Air Max 270 sneakers were a first for a female athlete in Greater China. She donated over 90 pairs to a charity sale to aid sustainable development.

Top and pants, Nike x MMW Apparel Collection. Earrings, Jiwinaia from On Pedder

Top and pants, Nike x MMW Apparel Collection. Earrings, Jiwinaia from On Pedder

Stephanie is also thrilled to see athletes gain international recognition in the fashion world, especially given that her childhood dream was to become a fashion designer! She considers the interplay of both spheres to be very fruitful: “It’s great that this relationship helps more people get to know about sports and introduces a different side of athletes. I did the Nike photo shoot on a private jet. Not only do the Olympics and the hope of a smooth journey come to mind, but the activewear enhances the modern, trendy vibe. All this really adds a stylish twist to sport.”

Upon asking the 29-year-old sportswoman what changes her mentality would go through as she approaches her 30s, she remarked, “Women shouldn’t be limited by age. I believe everyone, young and old, can fall in love with sport. Ultimately, the most important thing is that you feel happy and comfortable with yourself. Take my tattoo of the Olympic rings for example- it’s a record of my past, commemorating the previous Olympic Games I’ve attended. It’s really personal and wasn’t inked with the intention of displaying it to everyone.” To Stephanie, embracing the happiness of the moment is the perfect way to take on life.

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