Popstar and critic favourite Olivia Rodrigo may be feeling ‘sour’ towards her ex-flame but her style is anything but bitter. The former Disney darling skyrocketed to fame upon releasing ‘driver’s license’ which broke records abound, making Rodrigo the younger artist ever to debut with a number one single. But while the singer-songwriter has become known in the pop stratosphere for her sad-girl tunes, she has also sparked attention for her trendsetting wardrobe, a cacophonic blend of updated Y2K nostalgia and teen girl aesthetics. Safe to say, the star has long departed from her Disney cohort days of tie-dye shirts and regrettable mismatched prints.

Having worked with celebrity stylists Laura Cox and sister pair Chenelle and Chloe Delgadillo to curate a closet of eco-friendly high-fashion and mid-range picks as well as sweet threads from up-and-coming designers, Olivia’s sartorial choices undoubtedly champion the Gen-Z sensibilities of sustainability as well as support for diverse fashion. Her keen style sense has even bled into a fun campaign collaboration with the secondhand marketplace app Depop, where Rodrigo resold items worn in her music videos while promoting the launch of the Sour album. Indeed, the ecosystem of Olivia Rodrigo’s style has made her into an arbiter of fashion – from instant reposts of outfits worn to Internet-wide scavenger hunts to find out where she shops.