She was born in New Zealand and raised in Australia

The Vogue Hong Kong December cover star was actually born in New Zealand, moving to the land down under at the age of eight. She spent the rest of her childhood  in the suburbs of Melbourne, Australia, before moving to South Korea to pursue her dreams.

She featured in G-Dragon’s Without You before she even debuted

Before she was Rosé of Blackpink, she was simply “? “.  Within her first year as a YG trainee, the singer had already lent her voice to one of the biggest names in K-pop. In 2012, BIGBANG’s G-Dragon released a solo album featuring a mystery singer in one of the songs: Without You ft ? YG of New Girl Group. At the time her identity remained unknown, but during a live countdown showcasing the new album to his viewers, G-Dragon encouraged listeners to watch out for the girl group’s debut, praising the unique vocals Rosé’s fans have grown to know and love.

Her Korean name is Park Chae-young

Born Roseanne Park, you’ll often hear Rosé refer to herself as Rosie for short. But the star’s Korean name is Chae-young, which fans have shortened to the nickname “chaeng”.

She is a such huge foodie, fans have nicknamed her Foodsé


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Rosé’s fans have taken advantage of the singer’s iconic stage name, often taking the creative liberty to coin it with other words to create new nicknames for her (e.g. Pinksé or Redsé for her past hair colours). One such nickname is Foodsé, in honour of Rosé’s enduring love for food, which fans take care to document with countless compilation videos of her eating. In a Q&A with Vogue Australia, the K-pop star pins delicious food as the reason behind much of her tears.

She was the first female K-pop idol to attend the Met Gala


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When Rosé stepped foot on the Met Gala red carpet last year, history was made. Arriving in a slinky LBD from Saint Laurent (the luxury brand of which she is a global ambassador for), she became the first female K-pop idol to attend the prestigious Met Gala event, alongside rapper and former labelmate, CL.

Her dad pushed her to audition for YG Entertainment

Everyone, say thank you to Mr Park. The Blackpink singer has mentioned numerous times that it was her father who suggested she audition to be a singer. Rosé’s dad had learned through the news that YG was bringing their search for talent to Australia. He convinced her to try, citing a wish for her to create good memories and live with no regrets. And so, at the age of 16, Rosé hauled her acoustic guitar to Sydney, sang Jason Mraz’s I Won’t Give Up, and became one of four Australian YG finalists.

She is dog mom to Hank


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On 2 December 2020, Rosé officially brought home her very own pup. Hank, who now has 3.4million of his own followers on Instagram, is an adorably scruffy mixed-breed mutt whom the K-pop superstar adopted from a local shelter. He was rescued with a severe skin disease and was hospitalised for 3 months, before finding a loving home with Blackpink’s Rosé. The message is clear: adopt, don’t shop!