The pandemic has been a challenging time for maintaining wellness. How have you managed to optimise your health at home?

As for everyone, there’ve been ups and downs. I’ve been on top of it and then I’ve also just let it all go and felt sorry for myself and reached towards those things that I shouldn’t be. I was lucky enough to transform my garage into a makeshift gym and workout online with my trainer-of-seven-years Simone de la Rue. But personally, I love going out to the gym – I like seeing people, working out alongside others – Simone has created a real sense of community in her spaces over the years. But to get a sweat on is amazing. Otherwise, I drink a lot of water, and have been cooking from scratch more than ever.

Do you have a beauty or wellness icon?

I’ve been a massive fan of Elle Macpherson ever since I was 20 years old and saw her in the gym. I turned up hungover, in sweatpants and in a big baggy jumper and I remember seeing her, this golden goddess, with long luscious hair, and her long-limbed body. She turned around and smiled and I thought wow, I need whatever she’s having! We’ve struck up a friendship over the years and she’s been incredibly generous with her time and advice. When she launched her brand WelleCo, a nutritional supplement company, I just thought I’ll have whatever she’s having. She’s radiant in every way, from her skin to her personality. She conducts herself with real integrity, grace and elegance and she’s great fun to be around.

Rosie and her husband, actor Jason Statham, at the Tom Ford AW20 show in Los Angeles, where the couple live
Photo: Kevin Mazur/Getty Images

Rosie and her husband, actor Jason Statham, at the Tom Ford AW20 show in Los Angeles, where the couple live

Photo: Kevin Mazur/Getty Images

What’s your morning skincare routine versus your evening?

In the morning, I use the iS Clinical Cleansing Complex gel cleanser, followed by iS Clinical’s Super Serum and a vitamin c serum, and the Face Reality Skincare Cran-Peptide Cream moisturiser. In the evening, after a double cleanse, I use my actives. First, I use a probiotic cleanser from Esse to remove makeup and impurities, and then a lactic acid cleanser from IT Cosmetics. Then, every couple of nights, I use Zo Skin Health’s Oil Control Pads Acne Treatment, followed up with Synergie Skin’s Vitamin B serum with niacinamide, and its Ultimate A Serum for my retinol.

Do you have any nutritional guidelines that you follow?

Not really. I wish I was a little bit more restricted with my food but I grew up on a farm and I love to eat and to cook or go out to a restaurant. The one thing that really helps me manage my weight and sleep patterns though is intermittent fasting. I’ve been doing this for more than three years, just when I feel like I need to see great results.

Tell us a beauty secret?

If you struggle with acne-prone skin, which I have my whole adult life, I recommend using non comedogenic (pore-clogging) skincare and makeup. It really helps me manage my skin congestion. Check all products against pore-clogging ingredients – it really does help.

What one piece of beauty advice would you give your 16-year-old self?

I think the above, because I really only came to learn about that two years ago. My mother had acne-prone skin and I’ve inherited it from her and I wish I’d known that back then, when it might have saved me time and effort in the struggle with my skin. One silver lining though is that, because I’ve always struggled with acne and blemishes, I’ve always been good about looking after my skin. I’m hyper-aware with my skin and very diligent about the skincare products that I use, I get regular facials, and see a dermatologist. Since the age of 18, I’ve been lucky enough to have these experts at my fingertips due to where I’ve lived and what I do.

Did you learn any beauty hacks from your mother?

My mother was quite strict. I was always fascinated by her makeup but she wouldn’t really allow me to rummage through it and certainly wouldn’t allow me to borrow it. But I remember, if she was getting ready for a night out, I’d ask if I could watch her do her makeup and I remember her saying that makeup is about enhancing what you have, not hiding what you have. It should be about celebrating your individualities and quirks, and the assets that you have. If you’ve got beautiful eyes, play those up, if you’ve got a good smile, wear that lipstick, if you’ve got good skin let it sing. My face is completely asymmetrical, I’m 33, and starting to get fine lines, but I try and always remember my mother’s advice when applying makeup.

Rosie with the Hourglass Ambient Lighting Edit Sculpture Palette

Rosie with the Hourglass Ambient Lighting Edit Sculpture Palette

Congratulations on your ambassadorship at Hourglass. What does the role mean to you?

I’ve been a big fan of the brand for seven or eight years now, even since a makeup artist used the products on me. I went to [London department store] Liberty the next day to purchase them for myself and the brand has remained in my makeup bag ever since. When I launched Rosie Inc. in 2018, I naturally started using the products in beauty tutorials and product roundups, and word got back to the brand and we aligned together on a project in early 2019.

I had lunch one day with the founder, Carisa Janes, and we really hit it off. She’s such a force and incredibly smart, fun, open and warm – she’s really become a bit of a mentor to me over the last year or so. So when the brand asked me to become ambassador, it felt like a natural fit, like it had come about in a very organic way. I get as excited as anyone else about a product launch but the best thing about being ambassador is being able to play with it early.

What were the products that initially captured your interest and made you want to share them with your Rose Inc. audience?

The product that I was first introduced to was the Ambient Lighting Bronzer in Diffused Bronze Light. Hourglass is most famous for its iconic powders and their photoluminescent quality, presented in a beautiful marbled effect. They are a dream to look at and glide onto the skin beautifully. If you haven’t tried Hourglass before, though, the Ambient Lighting Palette is the one product I would really recommend.

Tell us a bit about Hourglass’s Holiday 2020 collection?

I’m really excited as the Holiday 2020 collection includes two powder palettes. The Ambient Lighting Edit Sculpture Palette features a bronzer, two blushers, two of the Ambient Lighting powders and a highlighter, while the mini palette has a bronzer, blusher, highlighter and powder. The architectural, faceted packaging looks really substantial and special. Then there’s also the Confession Refillable Lipstick Duo – what I’ll be giving to all my girlfriends this Christmas. The ‘At Dawn’ shade is a beautiful, creamy rose nude while the ‘At Dusk’ is a deep burgundy, rich crimson red – lovely for the holiday season.

Rosie with the Hourglass Confession Refillable Lipstick Duo

Rosie with the Hourglass Confession Refillable Lipstick Duo

How has self-care changed since becoming a mother?

I think I’ve become more efficient in carving out time for myself. It’s so important. Some evenings, I will just lock myself in my bathroom and light a candle and put some music on and just spend some time on my own.

What does wellness mean to you?

Wellness means to me being happy with yourself. It’s about having energy and vitality, having a zest for life and a passion for getting out of bed in the morning and feeling energised by your life and your day. I think it means nature, being outside, being active, being balanced in every sense of word, from diet to mental health. But you don’t just reach a state of wellness or happiness – it’s ongoing, it’s a journey.