Guasha is an ancient Chinese beauty treatment that involves a flat stone or roller-shaped stone device. The stone is rolled over the face and body, stimulating blood flow, circulation and allegedly removing toxins from your mind and body. It’s essentially a device for lymphatic drainage, and it’s a treatment that’s been used by China’s imperial family for over 5000 years. 

The guasha device is predominantly made from stones of amethyst, jade, and rose quartz – those that don’t alter much over time. Although the effect is the same, the energy from each gemstone is slightly different. 

According to Guasha enthusiasts, amethyst is great for anti-aging, rose quartz is best for increasing self-esteem and reducing stress, while jade is best for detoxing and body-slimming. 

The personality of stones and their effects have never been proven by science, and honestly cannot really be proven, but the popularity of rose quartz in guasha enthusiasts cannot be denied. With the beautiful blush colour and potential effects of reducing stress, it’s no wonder it has seen a surge of popularity, globally, in the last few years. 

While the roller has been around for quite a while, you may be yet to hear about the rose quartz mask, made of small pieces of rose quartz bound together, and placed on the face for a period of time. It was created by Angela Caglia, a skincare centre and spa in Bel Air, California. The founder, Angela Caglia, explains that the rose quartz mask is designed to be easy to use at home. It helps to prevent edema, fade acne scars, shrink pores, detoxify the skin, and even has anti-aging properties.


The masks are on sale for US$400, and, despite their inflated price tag, were sold out soon after release. Angela Caglia’s new rose quartz eye mask is an alternative to help blood circulation, dark circles and eye-swelling. According to buyer reviews, it’s an effective migraine relief as well!

Originally published on Vogue Korea