The Mandarin Spa x 111SKIN

Known for its pampering skincare treatments and holistic wellness ethos, The Mandarin Oriental Spa is joining forces with cutting-edge skincare brand 111SKIN for a series of indulgent, lifting treatments. The Celestial Black Diamond Non-Surgical Face Lift features 111SKIN’s coveted Intensive Collection, which harnesses clinical-level actives to brighten the skin while reducing signs of ageing. The facial also utilises LED light therapy and wrinkle minimising wand massages for a lifted, sculpted finish and a lit-from-within glow. 

From HK$2,100 at

La Mer The Resurfacing Treatment

Promising smoother, clearer and more radiant skin, La Mer’s new Resurfacing Treatment fuses the brand’s renowned Miracle Broth™ with a Multi-Infusion Technology to simultaneously replenish and exfoliate skin. The treatment is gentle enough to be used morning and night, with AHA, BHA and PHA acid encouraging cell turnover while marine enzyme ferment promotes gentle exfoliation and helps maintain optimal pH levels.  

La Mer The Resurfacing Treatment; HK$900 at 

Therapeautic Hydrasoothe Face Cream

With a slogan of “Clean, Calming, Clinical”, Hong Kong-based skincare brand Therapeautic seeks to nourish the skin and regulate the skin barrier with soothing, gentle skincare concoctions. The brand’s Hydrasoothe Face Cream features 12 active ingredients that work in tandem to reduce inflammation and redness while adding a boost of hydration. The multipurpose product also doubles as a rejuvenating mask, and can be applied in a thick layer and left on overnight. Stay tuned for the brand’s upcoming Hydrator Serum, which features hero ingredient pullulan to help deliver potent actives deeper into the skin’s epidermis.

Therapeautic Hydrasoothe face cream; HK$650 at 

Weirdo Beauty Opens Its Flagship Store

Originally founded in 2018, Weirdo Beauty is Hong Kong’s first skin management specialist offering bespoke treatments using Hong Kong vegan beauty brand Odriem. Odriem is cruelty-free, incorporating powerful ingredients into unique skincare formulas for a minimal, yet effective regimen. The brand’s flagship salon opened this March in Causeway Bay, where guests can now experience Visia’s new-generation skin-analysis system which offers AI testing to accurately identify and treat an individual’s skin concerns through customised treatment plans.

The Ordinary Glucoside Foaming Cleanser

Cult favourite skincare brand The Ordinary has launched its Glucoside Foaming Cleanser, marking just the second addition to the brand’s cleansing lineup. Gentle yet effective, the gel texture can be sudsed up to a rich foam, while a non-comedogenic formula maintains the skin’s moisture barrier while also tackling issues like skin clarity, texture and radiance. 

The Ordinary Glucoside foaming cleanser; HK$104 at 

Hibernicis Bath & Body Oils

Crafted in Ireland, Hibernicis uses natural ingredients where possible, often turning to the country’s abundance of natural resources. For Hibernicis’ body and shower oils, the brand harnesses the power of seaweed extracts which are chock-full of vitamins K, B, A and E while also possessing potent detoxifying capabilities and humectants. Buttery oils that are also vitamin and antioxidant-rich add additional hydration and nourishment.

Hibernicis body and shower oils; HK$690 at

Parfumerie Trésor Hair Perfumes

Parfumerie Trésor brings an array of thrilling sensory products to Hong Kong, including a new selection of elegant, perfumed hair mists. Offering a subtle, more nuanced addition to your usual perfume lineup, hair mists are also packed with conditioning agents to nourish the hair shaft while simultaneously imparting a delicate scent. 

Ormonde Jayne Hair mist; HK$780 at