As beauty continue to get smarter, we’re seeing an emphasis on devices with LED light technology. These hi-tech tools replicate the effects of professional facials by treating your skin from the inside out. With the choice of different light spectra such as acne-fighting blue light or anti-aging red light, LED therapy has the ability to penetrate your skin at different depths to target different concerns. These smart gadgets work harmoniously with your daily skincare routine to speed up the body’s natural healing process and collagen production, as well as to boost product absorption for amplified effects.

Dr Dennis Gross 售價港幣4,411元。
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A dramatic mask with even more dramatic results. Dr. Dennis Gross’ at-home FaceWare Pro is touted to deliver the results of a professional clinic’s light therapy session in just three minutes. This medical-grade device is lined with the most powerful blue light available on the market to zap acne, as well as four spectra of anti-aging red light to smooth wrinkles, firm skin and diminish hyperpigmentation.

DRx SpectraLiteTM FaceWare Pro; HK$4,411 available at

Foreo 售價港幣2,185元。
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Foreo’s UFO, or “Ur Future Obsession”, works in harmony with specially-designed Korean sheet masks for an amplified facial treatment. The handheld disc features six pre-set systems: pulsations and thermotherapy for increased product absorption; three LED light therapy modes to target different concerns (red light to boost collagen, blue light to fight acne, green light for brightening); and cooling cryotherapy to tighten pores and firm skin.

UFO; HK$2,185 available at

Tria 售價港幣2,041元。
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A high-tech solution to tackling acne without the harsh, drying chemicals of traditional topical treatments. This nifty device emits a targeted dose of acne-zapping blue light through the skin’s surface to destroy the acne-causing bacteria at the source of the problem.

Positively Clear Acne Clearing Blue Light; HK$2,041 available at

BeautyBio 售價港幣1,681元。
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Many beauty enthusiasts swear by microneedling for triggering the skin’s natural healing process. This device from BeautyBio combines 540 surgical grade microneedles with LED red light therapy and Vibrotactile Stimulation. It kick-starts cell regeneration deep beneath the surface, revving-up collagen production and helping skincare products penetrate “200 times more effectively.” Use this device two to three times weekly before applying your skincare products, preferably at night.

GloPRO Microneedling Regeneration Tool; HK$1,681 available at

Skin Inc

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The Skin Inc Optimizer Voyage Tri-Light marries NASA-inspired LED Chromotherapy with Low Frequency Stimulation, for brighter, tighter and clearer skin. The latest version offers red, blue and yellow LED lights, with the addition of two new power combo lights: orange to tackle pigmentation, dullness and fine lines, and purple to alleviate sensitivity and adult acne. Use this smart device two times a day, 10 minutes after applying water-based serums or masks, for gentle yet effective results.

Rose Gold Optimizer Voyage Tri-Light; HK$2,125 available at