Victoria Peak

There’s nothing more satisfying than hiking up to The Peak and taking in the views over Hong Kong first thing in the morning. There are multiple routes to the top but the morning trail is a paved, easy-to-follow favourite that’s clearly marked making it impossible to get lost. The easiest way to get there is to take the escalators up to Conduit Road, turn right and walk for about 10 minutes before walking up Hatton Road on your left.

Dragon’s Back

This is one of Hong Kong’s easiest and most popular hikes with stunning views and a gentle rolling incline. The highest point is less than 300 metres, and there are panoramic views of the peninsula’s coastline at Shek O peak. The Dragon’s Back viewing point offers views of Tai Tam Bay and Lamma Island on a good day, and if you’re lucky you’ll see kite jumpers gliding through the air over the trail. The hike ends at Big Wave Way, a simple, pretty beach that’s popular with surfers. A taxi to Cape Collinson Crematorium in Chai Wan will leave you at a steep set of stairs that lead you to the trail.

Tai Long Wan

Hidden waterfalls, frozen pineapple snacks and a stunning beach are a few reasons why Tai Long Wan bay is such a popular weekend spot. The nearest accessible road is 90 minutes away, and local boats are the easiest way to get back to Sai Kung. Get a taxi to Sai Wan Pavillion and hike for about 40 minutes over scenic viewpoints before you arrive at the beach where you can relax or explore a little further to reach the rock pools and waterfalls.

The Twins

Some dread these famous twins, but completing them is always extremely satisfying and the views of Stanley worth it. The trail begins with a climb over Violet Hill before the real work begins with 1,000 gruelling steps. After you complete one large and one small mountain you’re rewarded with a breathtaking scene overlooking Hong Kong’s Southside. Ask a taxi to take you to the start of the trail that’s signposted next to Park View.

Lion Rock

This history-steeped trail has it’s own mischievous monkey colony who love to steal food and trinkets from unsuspecting hikers. The views from the very top of the lion’s head are breathtaking, and you can see Hong Kong Island, Dragon’s Back, and Lantau Island on a clear day making it worth the initial steep start. Ask a taxi to drop you off at Lion Rock Country Park and follow the signs all the way to the top.