Natalie Minerva is the young creative redefining nail art with her otherworldly designs. In fact, when it comes to Minerva’s nail art, it’s less about design, and more to do with storytelling. Just look at the mild-melting creations she crafted for this season of Euphoria. Using a variety of colours, textures, shapes, lengths, and accessories, Minerva was able to tease out the nuances of each character’s story arc, and reflect the various transitions they were undergoing over the course of the series.

“I think nails and particularly nail art really say a lot about a person,” she says. “It’s an extra detail that helps the wearer convey who they are or who they want to present themselves as to the world. I often compare nails to tattoos in the sense that both are wearable art. The only difference is that nail art is temporary and constantly ebbing and flowing with that person’s personal style.”

Born in Laguna Beach, California, Minerva moved to LA in 2009, where she started working in production for cult club night, A Club Called Rhonda. It was here that she first got into nail art. Initially, it began as an extension of her own personal style and creative expression. Rhonda was a very eccentric party, she explains, and people would often use clothes and make-up as a way of standing out. Or in Minerva’s case, her nails. “Rocking a look was critical there,” she says.  “So I started doing nail art to add some flair to my outfits.” It wasn’t long before people started taking notice, and then the requests came pouring in. After attending nail school and getting her licence, she set up her own nail salon, Nail Swag, which became one of LA’s go-to spots until it closed in 2020.

Inspired by anything from wallpaper to clothing, nature to fabrics, Minerva is constantly pushing the envelope on what nail art can be. “I’m always seeking out and trying new materials for nails, different techniques, and challenging myself with inspirations that I haven’t seen before. It’s such a good feeling when you make a nail and realise that no one has tried that concept before. I think that is what is most gratifying for me.”

Disco ball nails

After Covid, everyone is ready to let loose a bit and have some fun! What better way is there to celebrate than by rocking a party-themed disco ball manicure? Eye-catching and playful, these are show-stopping nails.

Surrealist nails

I think it’s been so fun to see everyone do more exploratory nails that involve odd shapes, 3D elements, and interesting and unique materials, such as real pearls.

3D nails

With new technology comes new techniques, and with the emergence of thicker gels on the market, 3D is in!

I definitely plan on bringing back my hobnail milk glass nails and braided cuticle nails this spring.

Graphic design

I think we will be seeing lots of bold patterns and design-heavy nails. It’s a great way to make a statement and have your nails be a conversation piece.

Ghost nails

This has been trending among my personal clients for a minute, and I think it will continue through spring and summer. Milky shades that have a slight sheerness are always popular, but doing it with unique tones like buttery nudes and greys will be big.

Vacation nails

Every client I’ve ever had always gets special nails for their summer vacation, and since everyone is chomping at the bit to travel since Covid, I certainly foresee vacation-themed nails happening this spring and summer!