Yulee Choi, the powerhouse CEO driving the success of K-pop sensation Rocking Doll, exudes an unwavering determination that propels her through the realms of music and entertainment. As the founder of SRP Entertainment, she has seamlessly navigated the global music landscape, donning various hats from manager to singer to songwriter to fashionista. In an exclusive interview with Vogue Hong Kong, Choi unveils her latest musical ventures and shares her insights on navigating the dynamic and ever-evolving landscape of the music industry.

Your interests and skills span across music, fashion, and movies.  How do these mediums intersect for you?

I find the intersection of music, fashion, and movies to be incredibly fascinating. These mediums often influence and inspire each other, creating a rich tapestry of creativity and artistry. Consider music videos, where artists not only present their music but also showcase their distinctive style and fashion. On the other hand, fashion designers frequently draw inspiration from the realms of music and movies, crafting innovative ensembles that capture the essence of specific eras or themes. Similarly, movies often feature iconic soundtracks that heighten the storytelling experience and emotional impact of the film, showcasing the powerful connection between music and visual narrative. The intersection of music, fashion, and movies fuels boundless possibilities for creative expressions and collaborations, shaping popular culture and sparking trends in exciting new ways.


Photo: Courtesy of Shawn Paul Tan

Photo: Courtesy of Shawn Paul Tan

How do you view the music industry nowadays, specifically with the rise of K-pop? 

Looking at the music industry nowadays, it is fascinating to see how K-pop has gained immense popularity and interest around the world. It is not only about creating new music but also the unique marketing and branding strategies that have elevated K-pop’s presence as one of the most significant music industries in the world. Social media activities, virtual live performances, and digital content are all compelling elements that generate continuous interest in the artists’ craft as well as play important roles in promoting K-pop on a global scale.

What challenges have you encountered in balancing the creative and business aspects of your and your artists’ careers, and how do you overcome them?

In any business, including the music industry, collaboration is essential and no one can do it alone. Dealing with different opinions and conflicts is common. That’s why it’s important to be patient, open-minded, and positive to effectively resolve any issues. This way, I can overcome challenges and succeed in my endeavours. 

Photo: Courtesy of Shawn Paul Tan

Photo: Courtesy of Shawn Paul Tan

Juggling a career as a singer-songwriter with running SRP Entertainment presents unique challenges. How do you navigate this?

I effectively manage my time to allow for flexibility in my schedule. Prioritising tasks based on their urgency is particularly beneficial, especially given the relatively small scale and straightforward nature of our business operations.

What kind of music did you grow up listening to and who are some of your musical influences? 

I grew up with a passion for pop-rock music! My music teacher, who taught me the art of songwriting, had a huge impact on my musical journey. Teachers played a pivotal role in shaping my interests and talents, and it’s crystal clear that my music teacher left a lasting impression on my love for music. It’s pretty amazing how mentors and educators can inspire and guide us toward our creative passions, helping us develop our skills and fuel our passion for music.

How would you describe your writing process?

The first thing I do is come up with a song title to help set the overall direction and mood. Then, I conceptualise the themes, often drawing inspiration from my personal experiences and emotions. Once I have the main idea, I structure the song by dividing it into four verses for better flow and structure. Finally, I create a melody that complements the song’s essence and content, ensuring an engaging experience for the listeners.

Photo: Courtesy of Shawn Paul Tan

Photo: Courtesy of Shawn Paul Tan

How do you approach writing and composing for yourself compared to Rocking Doll?

When I write and compose for myself, I often draw inspiration from personal experiences, emotions, and thoughts as my goal is to focus on expressing a unique personal voice and style in music. For Rocking Doll, I take into consideration the brand’s overall sound, style, and image and collaborate with the band members to create music that reflects our collective vision and goals. The process is extremely collaborative where the team comes together to create music that represents the essence of Rocking Doll.

What was the inspiration behind your new single “Where Do We Go?” 

The sentiment behind the song stems from experiencing introspective moments and finding the love of our lives. I believe that discovering joy in loving someone and having them in our lives is truly heartwarming.

What sets apart your first single “Back to the Unknown” from your second single “Where Do We Go?”

“Back to the Unknown” was a self-written song through which I express longing for a lost love, while “Where do we Go” was penned by songwriter Zaydro, who assisted me in conveying the joy of being close to loved ones.

Can we expect more music from you soon?

I am happy to share that my first mini album “Atmosphere in Heart” will be coming soon. I hope many people will listen to the album and enjoy the songs!

Photography: Shawn Paul Tan
Hair: Grego
Makeup: Manisa Tan