Aries season runs between March 21st and April 20th, a time to step out from the hypnotising fog of Pisces’ rule, to awaken from sleep and crank the engine up with unbridled enthusiasm! Fresh shoots drive toward the light during this month, while bright colours around us announce “spring has sprung”, while we’re all encouraged to push ahead with a new astrological year. Traditionally, as the first sign of the Zodiac, an Aries has an invigorating, energising and pioneering nature.

Aries are the trailblazers and trendsetters

Reflecting this go-getting spirit, people born in this period can be bold risk-takers and are action-oriented and brave. Daring leaders, plucky entrepreneurs – and forces to be reckoned with – Aries aren’t afraid to smash the mould and set themselves free. In fact, they boast a talent for doing things differently, and, slightly before everyone else, too. They aren’t shy about being first in line, first to speak up, first to walk a new path or buck old trends. It was Aries Vivienne Westwood who bought new wave fashion to the mainstream, an ardent activist and punk, while Aries musician Lil Nas X has embraced his influence and position as a role model, revered for his honesty, fearlessly embracing who he is.


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Aries can be a wild child

Your Aries friend benefits from having astute types around to help them sense danger. Their childlike innocence and naivety keeps them young and fun, yet coupled with a lack of interest in the rules or details means they must focus, encouraged to be man of the hour – or literally a superhero! Robert Downey Jr. redeemed his bad boy image and had incredible success through his portrayal of Iron Man (co-incidentally iron and steel are the metals for Aries), while Marlon Brando went from riding his motorcycle through the corridors of his High School to being voted Actor of the Century by Time Magazine. Gently steer their rebellious tendencies on course, toward integrity, and watch them channel reserves of energy for good!

Aries are truly independent, and can go it alone

Ready, willing and able to strike out solo, this sign can play the lead, carry an album, business or the spotlight, and commands attention. Dare I say it, the stars that shine with the most unapologetic brightness are Aries born: Lady Gaga, Mariah Carey, Elton John, Celine Dion, Diana Ross, Selena Quintanilla and Aretha Franklin on stage, Anya Taylor-Joy, Ali Wong and Natasha Lyonne on screen. Not defined by their relationships, they can show up to the party without a plus one, unbothered by the presence or lack of a significant other. However, they can fall into the trap of believing they can do everything themselves, and while great at initiating and starting projects, try to sense when they’re flagging and offer your support. You’ll see dying embers revived, bursting into exciting flames once more.


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Aries can’t stand being told what to do

Just as you wouldn’t want to be fenced in with a raging bull or find yourself in close quarters with a scorpion poised to sting, watch for Aries bestial instincts: to lock horns and butt heads. Ruled by the red planet, Mars, most Aries view life as a battlefield, with wars to be fought and won. Heated arguments spur the on, with a thrill being on the winning side, and they adore a sparring partner prepared to enter combat. Quick to anger but fast to forgive, all is well as long as no-one tells them what to do, think or be. They loathe being bossed about, even though they can be utterly demanding, and totally bossy.

They fight for you

On the plus side, those born under this assertive sign won’t back down on your behalf, so see them as your personal bodyguard, prepared to draw swords and protect you and allow them to defend anyone who needs a hero!