The End Is Just The Beginning 

A caterpillar’s departure from its chrysalis marks the birth of a butterfly; the end of childhood marks the growth of a person. Titled “The Beginning”, the season finale of “Goodbye Princess” episodes marks the beginning of another chapter in the heroine’s life. 

In the last episode, the princess bit into a mysterious red apple that put her to sleep. She dreams of her old self swimming the depths of the ocean as the mermaid that we met in episode 1, Falling in the Deep”, where she once again sees the old television set. On the screen she watches a prince wake the sleeping princess up with a “true love’s kiss”. She regains consciousness, returning to her fairy tale life. The viewer is invited to consider which life is true and which is the illusion? 

Determined to pursue her dreams, the princess pushes the prince away. He attacks her, revealing his true nature as a beast. The princess recalls her past experiences and turns her memories into a magical red rose. She waves it and casts a spell on the beast, turning it into a puppy. Then, carrying her new pet in her arms, she strides confidently towards the dazzling lights ahead.

Those who love Tia will know that her puppy Sun has always been there for Tia when she feels lost. The production team thoughtfully pieced together the animations of Tia’s past experiences into a mosaic that resembles Sun, signifying that while we should not fear the past, we should never forget it. Like Sun, Tia’s experiences will accompany her as she embarks on her new journey, come what may. 

You Are The Hero Of Your Story 

Everyone loves a happy ending. However, instead of settling for a fairy tale life, Tia and her heroine in the series chose to take charge of their destiny and paving a path towards happiness. Through the stories of the “Goodbye Princess” episodes, Tia and her team hope to showcase Tia’s experiences in the entertainment industry and inspire those on difficult paths, by sharing an empowering message: “What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.” Every experience in life is valuable. Embrace all your wounds and believe in the magic of your journey.

To encourage girls to add colour to their lives, the “Goodbye Princess” release also includes a charitable campaign #EmpowerHer, which aims to raise awareness about women’s rights issues and support girls striving to live their lives to the fullest. You do not have to become somebody’s princess – you are the hero of your own story. Full details of the #EmpowerHer campaign will be announced soon.

A New Look 

In the latest fashion shoot for “The Beginning”, Tia rocks an all-black Saint Laurent outfit and Christian Louboutin​ heels. This powerful look sharply contrasts the stereotypical princess-like ensembles she wore for the previous five episodes. In Tia’s eyes, you can see a glimmer of excitement as she bids her past farewell and embarks on her new journey. 

Every experience in life is valuable. Embrace all your wounds and believe in the magic of your journey.

Tia Lee