Does Following Your Dreams Mean You Are On The Path To Happiness?

“The Puppet” is the third episode of the animated series that picks up Tia’s story after she leapt from her gilded carriage. The episode opens with Tia singing on stage to her adoring fans as they cheer her on. Could it be that her dream has finally come true?

The Rise And Fall

However, the reality is never quite as it seems. Behind the facade of this seemingly perfect life, Tia is pressured to adhere to abnormal beauty standards to retain her success and her loving fan base. “When I first faced attacks from the public, I was at a loss. I am not good at expressing myself and am afraid of becoming a burden to others. So, whenever I feel emotional, I keep it to myself or maybe talk to my dog Sun”, Tia reveals. “But later when the emotions, the struggles and the pressure built up, it got to the point where I couldn’t take it anymore and broke down. I felt helpless. No matter how hard I tried to live, people always found a new bone to pick.” 

In the latest episode, we see a lost and helpless Tia looking towards a sewing machine glowing in the distance, weaving together the dress of her dreams. As she reaches out for the dress, she realises that she has transformed into a marionette controlled by others. Impossible to break away. She falls deeper into another void.

The red colour palette of her look reflects the marionettist’s hidden strings that controlled Tia as she struggled to escape their clutches. This episode features clothing from Poem’s Autumn/Winter 2022 collection, paired with jewellery from CZ by Kenneth Jay Lane and heels by Christian Louboutin. 

Towards A Brighter Future 

After experiencing the highs and lows of life in the entertainment industry, can our marionette find the courage to face her inner struggles and break free from the structure and labels others have set for her? Tia shares, “I realised later that I cared too much about the opinions of others. A lot of the time, I did things to please the public and lived for validation from others. With such an unhealthy attitude towards life, I slowly lost my true self.”

“Goodbye Princess” Is About Female Empowerment

“Having taken the time to re-evaluate my experiences as a musician and to focus on rebuilding my confidence and rediscovering my voice, I realised I was not alone in these battles.” As Tia explains the story behind “Goodbye Princess” she added that she hopes the song will encourage women going through similar experiences of feeling lost and helpless to break away from societal expectations and take control of their destiny. As part of the campaign for her upcoming single launch, Tia will raise awareness of female empowerment issues.

Labels are like constraints. But when you free yourself, you can learn to fly again

Tia Lee