《Stuck in Time》

《Stuck in Time》

The Wheels Of The Carriage Keep Turning, But The Carriage Is Going Nowhere

“Stuck in Time”, the second episode of Tia Lee’s animation series “Goodbye Princess”, opens with a mermaid sinking into the ocean after transforming into a human. A fairy comes to her aid and transforms Tia into a glamorous princess. In this episode, a magical carriage appears to take the princess to her dream destination. However, upon closer inspection, she was not getting closer to her goal.

In reality, Tia had an early start in the entertainment industry, but soon found herself stuck in a rut, unable to make any real breakthroughs.

Leaving Behind Her Gilded Cage And Leaping Into The Unknown

In the latest episode, as the clock strikes midnight Tia realises that the long and winding road she is on is never-ending. “Perhaps your comfort zone is a beautiful cage for many people. You feel content in your comfort zone, but it comes at the cost of missing out on different possibilities in life.” Tia shares, “It seems very abstract, but happiness is fluid to me — you must stir it up for it to come alive. There is a touching quote from Satoshi Kon’s Millennium Actress: ‘I love you, but I love you more when you are searching for yourself.’ Maybe we can only enjoy true happiness when we are constantly pursuing it.”

At the end of the episode, Tia takes a brave leap towards the unknown in the slippers given to her by the fairy. In the motion images accompanying the animated episode, Tia is styled in Jenny Peckham, Christian Louboutin and jewellery from Fallon. Against the forest’s darkness, Tia shines in her mesmerising outfits and looks towards a brighter future.

Animation Team Behind The Series

The rich imagery in the animation series captures the process of Tia’s search for her identity and striving for her dreams.

Tia chose to work with a local Hong Kong based expert production team for the “Goodbye Princess” animation episodes because, through animation, surreal stories can be brought to life. The magic draws you in and connects you to the stories.”

The team behind “Goodbye Princess” animation episodes include award-winning veteran animator Sunny Tang, film musician and erhu player Wan Pin Chu, scriptwriters Alex Li and Thomas Li, and emerging digital artist Mandy Mackenzie Ng. “This collaboration with Hong Kong illustrators and animators made me realise that each of their works is distinctive. These are talented individuals who have plenty of ideas and have taken risks” Tia continues, “They accurately portrayed my story through illustration and created a cinematic world that I hope people can enjoy” It’s easy to feel how invigorated Tia is about her return to the music scene following her break.

Believe in life’s possibilities. Jump out of the box people put you in and carve out your destiny. I hope that you can find the courage and strength to jump out and say, ‘Goodbye Princess’.

Tia Lee