Formerly a fishing village, Tung Chung has now become one of the most popular attractions for tourists and locals alike. From family-friendly attractions such as the Ngong Ping 360 Cable Cars, to hiking trails and fine dining, Tung Chung has something to offer for everyone.


The Sheraton Hong Kong

Located in a residential area and a commercial hub, the Sheraton is the perfect place to stay for leisurely or business retreats. The island hotel boasts scenic views of the nearby waters and mountain, and holds a gym, a pool deck and a large ballroom. There are two restaurants, Yue and Sunset Grill, which serve modern Chinese cuisine and charcoal-grilled meat and seafood respectively.


Yue is a contemporary Chinese restaurant that serves traditional Cantonese cuisine with a creative twist. While guests can chat over exquisitely cooked traditional dim sum, classic Southern Chinese stir-fry meals, and fresh locally sourced seafood, there are also signature specialties you won’t find anywhere else. The selection of fine Chinese teas is complemented by Yue’s very own wine cellar with bottles from all around the globe. The interiors pay homage to a contemporary space tinged with traditional Chinese elements with its contrasting mahogany wood finishes, Chinese artwork and bright furnishings. 

2/F, 9 Yi Tung Road Tung Chung, Lantau Island, +852 2535 0028,

Sunset Grill

Perched atop Sheraton’s rooftop, the Sunset Grill is a dream come true for meat and seafood connoisseurs complete with an open kitchen that boasts a Spanish charcoal barbecue and dry-aged meat. The stunning view of the airport, coupled with the sea vista make for perfect photo backdrops, while drinks include a range of signature cocktails and fine wines to be enjoyed on the outside patio.

2/F, 9 Yi Tung Road Tung Chung, Lantau Island, +852 2535 0025,

Funky Monkey

A neighborhood bar and restaurant, Funky Monkey is the creation of Nepali bartender Gurung “Dipen” Dammarsing and offers traditional authentic Nepalese dishes as well as quirky cocktails and unique multi-cuisine dishes. The kitschy tiki-inspired decor complements the restaurant’s quirky nature and gives the restaurant an exotic tropical feel. Named ‘Funky Monkey’, the monkey signifies the year of the Chinese zodiac that the first branch opened – 2016. The establishment hosts live music and is a buzzing, playful feature of Tung Chung’s vibrant nightlife.

Shop 102, 1/F, T-Bay, 9 Yi Tung Road, Tung Chung, Tung Chung, Lantau Island, +852 2427 1111,

The Upper Deck

A new modern American steakhouse on the Tung Chung Waterfront, The Upper Deck Bar & Grill offers high-quality meat cuts and a sophisticated dining experience. Equipped with a cocktail bar, semi-private dining corner booths built for eight, and a pool table, the Upper Deck is perfect for dinners with friends. The Upper Deck is owned by Chef Faycal El Moujahid, who is also the executive chef at Cabana Breeze, another successful restaurant on this list, and who has years of experience working all around the globe at several Michelin-star restaurants.

Shop 101,1 Floor, T Bay, No 9 Yi Tung Road, Tung Chung, +852 2777 8980,

Cabana Breeze


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Cabana Breeze is bordered by its own coastline overlooking the sea and is set in the picturesque setting of the Sheraton Hotel. Cabana Breeze offers a set of Tiki-inspired drinks, as well as multicultural dishes. The peaceful atmosphere, combined with the unique set of flavours make Cabana Breeze the well-ultimate al fresco eating experience.

Shop G12-15, T Bay, 9 Yi Tung Road Tung Chung, Lantau Island, +852 2777 8980,

La Vista


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La Vista has been dubbed ‘Hong Kong’s Best Mexican restaurant in Town’ and for good reason too: its colorful Mexican cuisine is matched with outstanding drinks and eye-catching Mexican decor. La Vista also offers stunning Tung Chung scenery, and has become a favorite for tourists and locals craving traditional Mexican food.

9 Yi Tung Road Shop 106, 1/F, T-Bay, Tung Chung, +852 2368 6866,

King’s Arms


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The King’s Arms, a new gastropub in Tung Chung, adds distinctive British character to the bustling area. Decorated with British cultural symbols and historical icons, the space features many traditional British dishes, including English breakfast, Bangers and mash, and their signature dish, the Shepherd’s Pie. This newly launched gastro pub combines fusion pub food with great drinks and a welcoming ambience, while boasting over  60 different draught and bottled beers.

Shop S, G/f Seaview Crescent Plaza, No 8 Tung Chung Waterfront Road Tung Chung, Hong Kong, +852 2960 1977,


Citygate Outlets

(Photo by Warton Li/South China Morning Post via Getty Images)

(Photo by Warton Li/South China Morning Post via Getty Images)

Ten minutes from the airport, Citygate is the ideal place for passengers to unwind after a flight by indulging in some serious retail therapy. With ten floors, the outlet mall is host to an assortment of luxury brands — Bally, Burberry, Club Monaco, Diane Von Furstenberg, Escada are just some of the few you can find here. The mall is also flanked by a wide plaza with one of the largest kinetic water fountains in Asia, great for those seeking refuge from the Hong Kong heat.

Citygate Outlets, 20 Tat Tung Rd, Tung Chung,

Hong Kong Market Yat Tung

(Photo by Nora Tam/South China Morning Post via Getty Images)

(Photo by Nora Tam/South China Morning Post via Getty Images)

Crave a more old-school shopping experience? Hong Kong Market, located in the Yat Tung Shopping Centre, recreates the feel of a 1960s open wet market, complete with rickshaws, old posting boxes and of course, the iconic red wet-market lampshades. When you first enter, look up, and you’ll be greeted by an 11m long paper plane! Hong Kong Market is a great place to go whether you’re searching for some local treats or just want to spice up your grocery shopping.

G/F, Yat Tung Shopping Centre, 8 Yat Tung Street, Tung Chung,


Ngong Ping 360


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Ask anyone where you should go in Tung Chung, and you’ll definitely hear Ngong Ping 360. Offering a breadth of unique experiences, the Ngong Ping 360 consists a 25-minute ride filled with breathtaking views of Lantau Island and the Big Buddha. The 5.7 kilometre ride brings guests to the Ngong Ping Village, which hosts an eccentric array of small shops, food stalls and street performers, as well as the iconic Tian Tan Buddha.


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A lesser-known attraction in Ngong Ping is the Wisdom Path, located at the foot of Lantau Peak, and accessible via foot from Ngong Ping Plaza. Once you arrive, you’ll find a secluded gem with stunning mountain views and wooden columns etched with calligraphy of phrases from the Heart Sutra. The Ngong Ping 360 experience is great for those wishing to escape the city and appreciate the greenery of Hong Kong.

Lantau Island, +852 3666 0606,

Yellow Dragon Gorge

Advanced hikers will love this tough but scenic trek, which is a 45-minute walk from the Tung Chung MTR station and features the famous Yellow Dragon River. The trail takes about 5 to 7 hours roundtrip, depending on your skill level, and includes several steep slopes and waterfalls – we recommend inexperienced hikers to join a tour or simply avoid hiking past the pools.

Lantau Island

Tung Chung Battery and Fort

Pictured: The Tung Chung Battery (Photo: seaonweb via Getty Images, 2017)

Pictured: The Tung Chung Battery (Photo: seaonweb via Getty Images, 2017)

The Tung Chung Battery was built in 1817 to defend Tung Chung Bay from pirates threatening the coast. Due to its small size, the Battery is easy to miss if you aren’t looking for it, but the secluded spot is a great place to watch the sunset and have a picnic with family or friends. The Tung Chung Fort was once the naval headquarters for the Right Battalion of Dapeng and it has a long history of invasions and occupations, even formerly housing a school! If you happen to be in the area, the Fort and Battery is great for a short but worthwhile journey through the past.

Tung Chung Battery, 402 Tung Chung Road North, Lantau Island, Hong Kong/Tung Chung Fort, Tung Chung Rd, Lantau Island (The Battery and Fort are a 22-minute walk apart and 5 minutes by car.)

Tung Chung Waterfront

Only a 12-minute walk away from the MTR, Tung Chung Waterfront is a popular area for pet-owners, runners, bikers, and anyone wishing to relax. The promenade wraps around the pier, which serves as a departure point for boats to Tai O. The Waterfront offers a picturesque view of the Lantau mountains and cable cars, and is ideal for a peaceful stroll by the sea. For city inhabitants wishing to get away from it all, this is the place to go.

Tung Chung Waterfront Road

Rescue Trail


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For those who aren’t a fan of the Ngong Ping Cable Car ride, there’s another way — but it’s not easy! While the rescue trail looks unassuming and is entirely paved with steps, this route isn’t for the inexperienced hiker. The trail is 8km long, and takes around 4 hours to finish. The amount of steps and staircases make this trail harder than it looks, but render it all the more satisfying when you finally reach the Big Buddha. Another fun perk? Waving to the perplexed cable car passengers above.

Ngong Ping 360 Rescue Trail, Lantau Island

Ma Wan Chung Village

Pictured: Tung Chung Ma Wan Chung with Yat Tung Estate (Photo: seaonview via Getty Images)

Pictured: Tung Chung Ma Wan Chung with Yat Tung Estate (Photo: seaonview via Getty Images)

Ma Wan Chung is a charming fishing village with a great view of the ocean, located just next to the Ngong Ping Cable Car lines. To get here, take bus 38 from the MTR Exit B and walk for about 5 minutes. For seafood lovers, the fresh local seafood dinners here are a must. Floor paintings of dried shrimp and fish in baskets adorn the wooden piers, creating a playful optical illusion and a tribute to the seafood stalls nearby.

Ma Wan Chung Village, Tung Chung (Near the Yat Tung Estate)

Sunny Bay Cycling Route

Tired of walking? Rent a bike at Kam Way Hong Bicycle Rental Service, Sunny Bikes or Tung Chung Professional Cycle Co. instead! The road from Tung Chung to Sunny Bay is a popular cycling route since it is straightforward but long, making it ideal for a leisurely ride by the coastline with friends. Bikers can also visit the historic Tung Chung Battery on this route.

Sunny Bay Rd, Lantau Island (Walk for 20 minutes from the Tung Chung MTR Station to either of the Rentals)