Hong Kong Cuisine


Chef Silas Li has reinvigorated Happy Valley’s Hong Kong Cuisine with careful innovation and contemporary flair. A private chef to Hong Kong’s upper echelon for over 20 years, Silas now showcases his love of gastronomy at Hong Kong Cuisine, where he reimagines classic Chinese fare with a Western twist. One example of this is his apricot kernel pig’s stomach and Chinese almond soup. “You can see the presentation is quite Western but the flavour itself is traditional”, explains Chef Silas. Adding scallop mousse and fish maw to the pig’s stomach, Chef Silas then tops the unique combination with a puree of Chinese almond and crispy rice. “You get the traditional flavour of this classic Chinese soup, topped with unique textural elements from the Japanese scallop mouse, fish maw and crispy rice.”

1/F, Elegance Court, 2-4 Tsoi Tak Street, Happy Valley; +852 2893 3788

1111 Ones


Chef Will Leung presents an array of Hong Kong-inspired dishes with his newest menu at 1111 Ones. The consommé is a clever and contemporary take on a classic Chinese soup, inspired by the renowned dried seafood street in Sheung Wan. Dried scallop, fresh conch, dried shrimp, and Chinese ham are slowly simmered to allow the deep and complex flavours to fully develop and meld with one another. A single dumpling is stuffed with pork, sea cucumber, cordyceps flower and clams, while a crispy sea cucumber crisp adds a delightful crunch to the dish. “The main seafood I chose to hone in on is sea cucumber”, explains Chef Will. “Spongy and flavourful, we used it in three different forms: in the soup stock, in the dumpling filling, and finally, as a crunchy sea cucumber crisp.”

11/F, 18 On Lan Street, Central; 111ones.com

Jiangsu Club


Spotlighting vibrant regional cuisine from the Jiangsu region, Jiangsu Club offers both classic and contemporary iterations of the region’s best dishes. Among them are a wealth of rich and nourishing broths, including the signature Chicken and Wonton Soup. Local three-yellow chicken is gently simmered with Jinhua ham, Napa and Shanghainese cabbage and black pork wontons to create a rich and hearty broth that is all at once nourishing and flavourful. Soup is essential in Chinese cuisine”, notes Executive Chef Executive chef Hong Chi-Kin. “We believe different soup recipes bring the body back into balance, so serving dishes like soup is often a gesture of love and care from family, and is associated with good things and warm feelings.”

2/F, Alliance Building, 130-136 Connaught Road, Sheung Wan; +852 6230 8973 or +852 6230 9207

Photography: Samantha Sin
Styling: Ella Wong