It’s about to be your busiest time of the year, as Virgo Season signals a time to embrace admin, work and wellness. This does not come without complications, thanks to a retrograde Mercury weaving mischief. However, by the middle of September you should be equipped to manage day-to-day maintenance, and keen to conquer in love and relationships too. While the summer may have invited you to explore your happiness and your truest, deepest desires, September spurs on action, with a partner ready to tango.

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Virgo Season invites you to re-evaluate what you truly want, not simply in terms of your love life or income but more so what’s really important for you to execute and embrace. This might include your approach to children, the arts, dating or taking a vacation, with a rethink of what will bring you happiness. Home life may have seemed extra complicated lately, with family, property or parenting issues. Your input may include a sacrifice, and plenty of work that’s apparent later in September.

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With the spotlight on your private life and personal foundations, talks with a parent or family, thoughts of home, your roots or the past may pique your interest this month. Succumb to a process that sees you relating to your origins, the environment, safety and security; be willing to rethink how you engage with people connected to your origin story. Passions are running high, so what you want—and what you’re not getting— may become more apparent.

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Look towards your busy social life and a buzzing sense of connection, circumnavigating any complications that crop up. Be extra mindful of your choice of words, both in verbal conversation and through a screen. There’s greater clarity from mid-month, as well as improvements in your financial position, sense of security and around the role you’ve created. With a renewed awareness of what’s missing in your life, home and family become increasingly important later in the month, yet tread lightly in domestic environments.

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Engage with your purpose, payments, and the practical side of life by getting to work and addressing your assets. The inventory process isn’t straightforward, so explore what’s actually important to you, and discover valuable resources along the way. Local connections, neighbourhood dealings or people close by might demand attention, but never lose sight of the broader perspective you’ve cultivated — it’s an outlook on the world that’s true to you and needs no explanation.

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With your ruler Mercury retrograde until the middle of the month, you may be presented with minor set-backs, frustrations, or find yourself having to re-do personal plans, agendas and appointments. Meet life where you’re at and don’t push too hard, Virgo, everything takes time— particularly when other people are concerned. You might sense a lot is on your shoulders, and despite having the motivation to prove yourself, you’re inevitably dealing with what another has to give.

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You’re poised to escape work life and your duties, retreating from routines with more time for reflection. Step back into your dreams, take space to come undone, and walk the pathway to your spiritual centre. Expect some conversations or exchanges to be laced with confusion, you’ll gain clarity after mid-September, so be patient. There’s also a way to move ahead with a social issue that is involved your relationships.

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This month there’s a focus on community, group work, team building and a cause that’s greater than yourself to get behind, Scorpio. However, it might not be easy or straightforward getting together with friends or networking in your circle. Any pressures you’ve encountered can ease up from mid-month, and thereafter progress can be made. Elsewhere, a project steers you to work on the side-lines. Prepare in private, be resolute in your capabilities, and inject confidence into your career goals or aspirations.

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Your job, work, health and wellbeing take precedence in September, a standout month to focus on your direction or professional life. There’s a chance to rebrand and curate who you are in public, yet you might sense that progress is slow. Lean into the lessons delivered about the position you’re in, and be willing to innovate and accept change. Reset your intentions with a long-term view on the 15th, which is a New Moon that sets you on your path; clarity will come soon thereafter.

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You’re blessed with visionary potential this month Capricorn, so look towards projects that encourage your own education and growth. Perspectives and personal philosophies outside of your own, knowledge-sharing, wisdom and personal development could be on your mind. A path of learning might not be easy to comprehend, so take it easy, step by step. The details will be easier to digest in the second half of the month, which also encourages you to broach your public image, and how you come across to the world.

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Use September to address your future and identify any fears or anxieties that concern another. Review your financial obligations or shared spaces; revise or reconsider plans to secure yourself. It’s easier to see a way forward after mid-month, when you’re better equipped to discuss your commitments, investments, joint property, and how you’re beholden to a promise, pledge or pact. A collaboration or union may require you to develop new skills, as you broaden your outlook. Look at the world through new eyes!

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Work relationships and unions of all kinds are prominent in September, as you’re encouraged to navigate key partnerships, rethink how you respond and come together. Financial commitments, the way you share space, or profit by association may be topical, particularly if you’re arriving at a decision regarding your role and wellbeing. You’ll gain a better sense of how far you can lean on others, what you can rely on them for, and what you’re expected to do in return.

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