As a Shaman, I have often been asked if I get affected by emotional stress and how I cope and overcome it. My answer is always pretty simple: yes, of course I do! I am also human after all. The only difference would be the way I deal with it. My Shamanic outlook and experience allow me a different approach and perspective on emotionally charged and stressful situations.

The great thing about being a Shaman is that I am able to detach from my emotions and can objectively observe a situation. I am always on the look out for new life lessons which will allow me to grow and be the best version of myself.

Here are a few tips on how to best handle, cope and get out of an emotional roadblock.

Confront your issues

Most people would tell you not to think about it and try to get your mind busy and focused on something else. This is something that I would partially agree with. In order to process and handle any tough situation we must first face it and accept that it is part of our reality. Avoidant behaviours will only temporarily cover up the issue which you would likely need to deal with sooner or later. However, while we shouldn’t avoid issues, we also shouldn’t dwell on negative thoughts and emotions. Allow yourself to feel your feelings, and let them pass through you. Take a deep breath and as you inhale, allow yourself to feel it. Release your emotions as you exhale.  Take some time to heal, practise “Me Time” and kindness towards yourself through rituals or spiritual practice including meditation. Honour yourself and your feelings, express gratitude and let it go.

Believe in yourself

We should not underestimate the power of our mind. While it can bring you down, it can also be the light to guide you back up. It is important not to only see the negative side of a situation. Try to see the positive light in what you may be experiencing – your mind can be tricked and reprogrammed to a happy state. Practise positive thinking, see the good in every situation and focus on that instead. Control your mind and don’t let your mind and thoughts control you.

Get moving

Feeling stuck and lazy or emotionally heavy? It’s time to get moving and release all that stagnant and bad energy out. Try to visualise your physical body as a warehouse for all sorts of unprocessed emotions and remember that the best way to clean things up is to shake things up, literally. Any physical exercise, from yoga and intense HIIT to dancing and walking, can help you feel stronger. Physical activity helps to increase your self-esteem, mental alertness, energy and mood and can also reduce stress and anxiety. Physical and mental health go hand in hand and we cannot have a healthy mind in an unhealthy body and vice versa. Get outdoors and get that Qi energy circulating!

Break the cycle

Emotional distress can severely disrupt your routine. The best way to get out of a rut, after processing your feelings, is to add some new excitement into your life. Don’t be shy to get out of your comfort zone – a new spark can generate fresh energy, bring new opportunities and open doors. Introducing a new and positive routine is always beneficial: healthy habits are key to resume a balanced and stable rhythm. Something might need to be taken away from you to give room for something new to flourish. Don’t allow this void to remain empty or blocked – fill it up with positive vibes and love. Do things that you love and do them often.

Unleash the Shaman in you

As a good Shaman, I pay attention to signs and believe that everything happens for a reason. You may or may not understand it right away, but the universe would never throw something at you that you cannot overcome. Your best life lessons often demand a lot of healing and courage, so try to see beyond your current situation and look at the bigger picture. Remember that you have the ability to turn things around and transform any negative aspect of your life into a force. Use what you have learned to lift yourself up and bring you closer to your dreams and goals. Emotional distress can be turned into an innovative and creative boost. We learn from our wounds. We elevate ourselves to new heights. We transform into the best version of ourselves.

Add a little magic to your life

Before you add a bit of pizzazz to your life, you first need a clean living environment. A messy place tends to add to emotional stress and does not offer space for you to have a clear vision of your dreams. A tidy space brings clarity and peace of mind. Cleanse your space with sage. And then make your living environment feel safe and comforting by adding crystals, flowers, green plants, scented candles or incenses, and bring as much light in as possible. Find your favourite spot and practice insightful meditation. I offer my own guided meditation practice to help users reconnect with body and mind. Set intentions and practise a mindful way of living. I like to put together small intention jars filled with crystal chips, flowers, cooking ingredients and all my deepest wishes and wildest dreams. These little jars are a great reminder of our wishes and that, with the right mindset, we can manifest whatever we desire.