Embrace your money mindset and interest in your finances this month, though do not expect your bank balance to settle for a while. You may require extra patience around prized assets, your earnings or income. Make valuable contributions to your life by focusing on changing how you sustain yourself, showing enthusiasm for the position you are in and creating safety, stability and security at home.

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Key relationships are important as the month opens, with Friday the 5th signalling a time to recognize shifts in a partnership in regards to what you are able to rely on others for what you must shoulder alone. A brand new you is emerging, with further growth and refinement underway, and clarity will increase around the trajectory you’re on mid-month. Give yourself permission to focus on yourself on the 19th and surround yourself with friends and close allies who appreciate you!

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The weeks ahead offer closure, which can be deeply cathartic and have a healing effect physically, mentally or emotionally. Ground yourself and tune in to your senses. Escape into nature, go off-grid, and don’t try to make sense of dreams, secrets or a mysterious series of events that play in your head. Anticipate navigational issues on May 21st that break you out of a spell.

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Spend time with your community and be intentional about team spirit and teamwork within a group. Get to know who your friends are and be open to expanding your network. Affirm your place within a circle or social scene, and recognise the peers or people you’re keen to know better. The 18th and 19th are particularly significant for new associations. However, there may be financial stressors or work that gets in the way.

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Your career, reputation or the life direction you’ve chosen is important this month, and the image you present professionally or personally will be boosted. Make note of the title that suits you best, and get ready to announce who you are to the world or reflect on the ways you’ve changed course in the public eye. Identify with your own version of success and accomplishment, and be willing to be seen!

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Broaden your horizons and recognize the journey of learning you’ve been on as planets assemble in your house of higher education, long-distance travel, personal development, philosophy and publishing. Your own growth and personal expansion are likely of ultimate importance in the weeks ahead, so be extra aware of what you are communicating to the world. Different perspectives, shifts in opinion, knowledge and new wisdom are key!

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Sensible investments, contracts and commitments are likely on your mind, with an awareness of your own resources, income and assets, as well as what others possess. Stay consistent in your efforts as you borrow, share space, merge or come together with parties that are able to support or help you. From the 8th, you can advance your position in the world, so strive toward your goals and aspirations with flair.

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One-on-one relationships are key in the weeks ahead. This not only applies to the dynamics in your marriage or business partnership but also to how you broach clients, a friend, or significant individuals in an intimate setting. Pay attention to when you change your mind. Be willing to adjust your expectations of how others show up for you and the implications this might have around the home, life, family and your sense of personal security.

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Your regime, work, health practice or the way you live day-to-day is likely on your mind, and there are adjustments around managing your job or the tasks on your agenda. Slow down, identify where you could use help and delegate accordingly. Look to innovative ideas and systems and commit to optimising operations in your private life. A shift arrives on May 17th that sees you being immensely practical.

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As the stars encourage you to romanticise your life and honour your interests, you are paying a lot of attention to your kids, passion projects, pleasure, hobbies, the arts or your personal gratification. Being creative and having fun can become your top priority, with key people playing a part in your capacity to express yourself. Team up with the right people from the 7th and trust the right words will follow.

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Recognise changes happening to your space and your outlook on domestic environments as issues surrounding family life, property, home and parenting arise this month. Safety, security and where you live might consume your thoughts as you ruminate on establishing roots. May 10th can be a significant day for finding a practical and efficient way to settle that works for you as you get in touch with nurturing surroundings and address people involved in your space.

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Surround yourself with friends that feel like family, and reflect on your communication: the messages you send, your body language, your delivery or what you say. Refine your skill sets through writing projects, teaching or learning, and focus on forming special connections and confronting controversial topics.  You will feel extra creative and expressive this month, so say yes to social engagements and enjoy what you put your heart into!

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