Muju Film Festival 2019

One of our personal favourites is the Muju Film Festival. Held from May 5-9 in a small village situated on a small mountain in Joella province, festival-goers are recommended to stay overnight to fully experience the untouched beauty of the Muju area. Watch experimental movies at the town hall and afterwards, head to the charming little flea market that pops up nearby to shop for handicrafts and other trinkets. One of the highlights of the event includes the midnight screenings of old, classic, and often rare black-and-white Korean cinema from decades past.

Jeonju International Film Festival 2019

Held from May 2-11, the Jeonju International Film Festival is back this year with screenings of underrated Korean arthouse cinema, along with international additions from Congo, Russia and Italy. While lesser known than the international film festivals in Busan, Jeonju International Film Festival is a go-to for movie buffs with a preference for something a little more experimental.

Seoul Eco-Film Festival 2019

The Seoul Eco-Film Festival is held for seven days from May 23-29. Festival-goers can expect to see screenings of over 56 different movies from 19 countries focusing on environmental change. The theme this year is ‘Eco Spirit,’ inspired by the idea of the rock ’n’ roll spirit, which hopes to inspire the same kind of passion and following for eco-friendly lifestyles.

This article was originally published on Vogue Korea.