Chef Ken Lau, formerly of Felix and Gaddi’s, has joined forces with LUBUDS to launch contemporary Italian-Japanese restaurant Pleka at IFC. Innovative Japanese touches are threaded across classic Italian fare, from handmade pasta and seafood to more. The red prawn tartare is exemplary of this, featuring Sicilian red prawns, sea urchin and celeriac puree for the ultimate burst of umami flavours and fresh, creamy texture. “Right now, it is the season for sea urchin and Sicilian red prawns, as they are both rich in the flavour of the sea and complement each other perfectly”, shares Chef Ken.  “The texture of the Sicilian red prawns has a great bite and the delicate sweetness of the prawn complements the creamy sweetness of sea urchin and celeriac puree. It’s cold, refreshing and perfect for summer!”

Shop 4010, 4/F, IFC Mall, 8 Finance Street, Central; @plekahk


Aera offers a Nordic-inspired take on casual fine-dining, courtesy of Executive Chef Chevalier Yau. All dishes available on the ten-course seasonal menu were born from a neo-Nordic concept, creating innovative and unique dishes that pay tribute to Hong Kong produce with a Western twist. One such example is the chilled mussel panna cotta caviar dish, which was inspired by combining ingredients and techniques from different culinary traditions. “We wanted to challenge the traditional notion of panna cotta, which is typically served as a sweet dessert with fruits on top, by making it a savoury starter with seafood instead.” Mussels are pickled in-house using locally sourced ingredients for a tangy, acidic flavour, while the panna cotta provides a creamy texture to complement the sharp brininess of caviar and the bold punchiness of the mussels. “The pickled mussels and the bright flavours of the lemon, shiso, and yuzu skin create a flavour explosion in your mouth while remaining light and refreshing for summer. We are excited for everyone to try it!”

G/F, 6 Stewart Road, Wan Chai;


Chef Thitid “Ton” Tassanakajohn brings first-class Thai dishes to Hong Kong by way of Niras, his first overseas outpost. The decorated chef is no stranger to top-notch dining, with his restaurant Le Du in Bangkok nabbing first place in the 2023 Asia’s 50 Best Restaurant ranking, while his other restaurant, Nusara, taking third. “At Niras, we try to do something very different from what other Thai restaurants outside of Thailand do”, shares Chef Ton. The restaurant is a love letter to Thailand, and dishes reflect this. The Goong-Ten is inspired by the Thai street food by the same name, featuring gently poached banana prawn mixed with three different kinds of seaweed, beetroot  and Thai seafood sauce sorbet. “The elements of this dish are light and refreshing and there’s a play with the contrasts in both textures and flavour. The different herbs and seaweed create an amazing aroma while enhancing the umami. Texture-wise, we gently cook the prawn so that it remains crunchy and bouncy, while the cold and spicy sorbet has a soft texture.”

Shop 704, 7/F, K11 Musea, Victoria Dockside, 18 Salisbury Road, Tsim Sha Tsui; @nirashongkong