As we make our various resolutions for the new year, many of us are trying to hit the reset button on our health following indulgent holiday feasts and festivities. Look to incorporate more fruits and vegetables this 2021, and see our below selection of restaurants which offer nutritious and moreish vegan dishes that do not compromise on taste or quality.

Soil to Soul

Soil to Soul is a contemporary Korean vegetarian restaurant housed in K11 MUSEA with a liberal interpretation of temple food that seeks to follow three basic principles: clarity and sincerity of chef and diner, flexibility and harmony, and compliance with the Buddha Dharma. Executive Chef Gu Jin Kwang of Soil to Soul has crafted a vegan mushroom terrine, a unique take on the traditionally meat-based item, for a nourishing dish to enjoy this January. Vegetable stock consisting of dried mushrooms, carrots and radish are slow-cooked for five hours and then combined with the liquid from soaking both dried mushrooms and fresh mushrooms for an enhanced, multi-dimensional flavour profile. The standard gelatine is replaced with a vegan alternative, agar agar from seaweed, and is used as the solidifying agent to set the terrine. Once set, the terrine is served alongside a medley of sauces including Korean sweet and spicy sauce, Korean sesame oil, Korean soya sauce and pesto sauce. 

Shop 704, 7/F 18 Salisbury Rd, Tsim Sha Tsui;

Ma… and The Seeds of Life

Chef Tina Barrett brings French fine dining with a vegan twist to SoHo, creating delicious, substantial dishes that are simultaneously healthful and wholesome. “Making everything from scratch in the kitchen reveals the true taste of the food and nourishes the body as it was naturally intended to do”, says Tina. One of Tina’s signature dishes, the Grilled King Oyster Scallops, perfectly encapsulates this mentality, as a dish that is flavourful and refined whilst also bursting with nutrients. The king oyster mushrooms act as scallops, and are high in protein and rich in selenium, a powerful antioxidant. Meanwhile, the red bell pepper purée, cauliflower polenta and red cabbage provide a myriad of vitamins, working together with the confit garlic to give a boost to the immune system. The dish is also a textural delight: the oyster mushrooms are tender with the slightest chewy resistance, perfectly mimicking the mouthfeel of a scallop. In contrast, the cauliflower polenta is light and creamy, made rich with the addition of cashew cream, and brightened by the red bell pepper purée.

H18 CONET, Shop 11, 1/F, 23 Graham Street, Central;

Sow Vegan

Sow Vegan is a modern, private vegan kitchen, managed by a small team of dedicated, plant-based chefs. Everything is made from scratch in the kitchen using only the freshest ingredients that are made local and organic where possible. The vegan fish was created by Chef Pamela Joey Poon, who was inspired by the classic fried taro dish (wu gok), a delightfully warming dish that offers an invigorating boost in the colder weather. Taro is a great source of dietary fibre and good carbohydrates, aiding in a better functioning digestive system, whilst also being high in Vitamin C, B6 and E for further benefits to the immune system. As the taro mixture is somewhat dry in texture, Poon combines it with eggplant to bring moisture back to the dish and for added fibre and vitamins, whilst also adding kombu powder, seaweed and vegan fish sauce for a briny, more oceanic taste. The “fish” is served alongside spiced blueberry and blackberry sauce and saffron and lime foam for a refreshing flavour to lighten up the heavier taro, and decorated with homegrown, organic herbs.

Room 1102, 11/F, Hung Tat Industrial Building, 43 Hung To Road, Kwun Tong;

Photography: Samantha Sin
Styling: Ella Wong