In the canon of traditional Chinese desserts, the mooncake is the most decadent and storied of them all. Golden-baked, round in shape, and filled with sweet lotus seed paste encasing two salted duck egg yolks representing the moon. For centuries, these rich delicacies have been served during Mid-Autumn Festival — on the 15th day of the 8th lunar month when a full moon emerges at night — as a ritual offering to the mythical moon goddess of immortality, Chang E. They were a favourite of Empress Dowager Cixi and, as folklore goes, an essential tool of the Ming revolutionaries, who used them to smuggle secret messages while overthrowing the Mongolian rulers of China at the end of the Yuan dynasty.

Today, mooncakes remain an essential part of Chinese culture, lavishly packaged and shared with family and friends as a symbol of completeness and reunion. While time-honoured recipes hold strong to tradition, modern adaptations have flourished with everything from indulgent caviar-packed treats to mooncake-flavoured macarons. Ahead, we round up the best mooncakes for the Mid-Autumn Festival in Hong Kong.

Tea WG

Tea WG presents a unique riff on the standard Mid-Autumn mooncakes, presenting their tea-infused renditions in a majestic burgundy music box. Two of their tea-infused mooncakes are sold alongside the exclusive moon dance tea for the ultimate tea pairing. The Illumination baked mooncake is infused with Breakfast Yuzu Tea, while dried mango pieces and raspberry purée almond paste brighten up the traditional white lotus paste. This showstopper mooncake is paired with the Constellation mooncake, where brown lotus filling is infused with Singapore Breakfast Tea, accompanying a scattering of roasted melon seeds and an embedded salted egg yolk centre.

HKD 488 available at Tea WG boutiques across Hong Kong


Dalloyau presents artisanal egg custard mooncakes where a crunchy golden crust gives way to a velvety egg custard filling. The glorious gift box depicts the glow of a Paris moon while referencing the shapely topiaries from the Gardens of Versailles. Capturing the Parisian heritage of the brand with the delicate pink roses and lavish greenery, Dolloyau perfectly merges East with West with its European-inspired packaging and refined pastry craft.

HKD 368 per box available at 

The Upper House

The Upper House has just unveiled their Hong Kong branch exclusive artisanal mooncake gift set. Eight tantalising mini mooncakes are housed in a stylish, sustainable wooden box, tucked behind recycled paper containers. Behind these, you’ll embark on a culinary journey with the four mooncake flavours, generously packed with fillings from a medley of assorted nuts and Turkish fig, to old time favourite egg custard, offering a contrasting creamy texture. The festivities don’t end with the fading of the full moon- the sleek, minimalist box is brushed with a deep purple streak and an opaque lunar motif, and can be upcycled to store accessories, toys and more.

HKD 488 at


A homage to ancient Chinese architecture and classic recipes, St. Regis’ new mooncake collections are emblematic of tradition. Hung Chi-Kwong, Executive Chinese Chef at the hotel’s Michelin-starred Cantonese restaurant Rùn, offers three mooncake flavours: on top of the classic white lotus and double egg yolk, his concoctions of aromatic red bean paste and 15-year aged tangerine peel, and the Mini Assorted Caramel Nuts Mooncake is sure to delight. Another highlight is the bespoke packaging designed with Rùn’s tea pavilion setting in mind- it’s enveloped in autumnal shades and appears as a mini table to reveal the mooncakes.

From HKD 428 at

Ali Oli x OH! You Made My Day

European homemade and handmade bakery-cafe Ali Oli’s latest venture is a collaboration with Hong Kong artist OH! You Made My Day, the product Mid-Autumn delights for both pet owners and their furry friends. The Limited Edition People & Pet Mooncake Gift Box includes six mooncakes: three for humans, including espresso walnut and classic flavours, and three chicken-based ones for pets. The box front showcases adorable watercolour paintings of cats and dogs, making them a precious collector’s item. Also on offer are the Harmony Mooncake and Full Moon Mooncake gift boxes, with understated, chic designs of the desserts and Mid-Autumn lanterns. Don’t miss the exciting pineapple mooncake exclusive to the Harmony set!

From HKD 218 at

Dang Wen Li

New York is where it all started for award-winning pastry chef Dominique Ansel and his Soho flagship store, and the Hong Kong branch’s Mid-Autumn creation brings the Big Apple to us. The Fly Me to New York Mooncake Gift Set showcases the city’s splendour, from the skyline to Soho lofts and the iconic yellow cab. All this stands out against a backdrop of ardent autumn leaves, and is housed inside a stunning 3D dome. The six handmade artisan mooncakes come in Earl Grey Custard and Classic Custard, packing the golden shells with fragrant flavours. With its dazzling, innovative design, this gift box is definitely one for the travellers.

HKD 498 at

Kiki Noodle Bar

Renowned for its trendsetting takes on Taiwanese, Sichuan and modern fusion cuisine, Kiki Noodle Bar returns this Mid-Autumn with their Taro Mochi Mooncakes with Sakura Shrimp. The locally handmade, contemporary delights have previously enjoyed sell-out success, and only 1500 limited edition sets are up for grabs this year! Each gift bag holds six mooncakes with a gummy glutinous rice ‘mochi’ core enveloped in smooth taro. Kiki’s signature Peach Oolong Taiwanese high-mountain teabags, complete with succulent fruity flavours are also included. All this is found in an Instagram-worthy reusable bag, in the shape of a winking Mid-Autumn bunny!

From HKD 298 at

Sexy Crab

Gourmet game-changers Sexy Crab and Baekmidang will whisk you away on a culinary voyage with their extravagant ‘Drunken’ Seafood and Mooncakes gift boxes. The Shanghainese fusion crab connoisseurs offer a made-to-order series of four ‘Drunken Seafood’ delicacies, from their golden ratio of male and female Classic Crab Roe to luxurious Hokkaido Ezo Abalone, all marinated in 10-15 year aged Huadiao wine. Meanwhile, dairy expert and dessert atelier Baekmidang’s organic mooncakes come in Lava Custard or Coffee, and Tieguanyin Tea. A bottle of premium champagne or prosecco comes with the gift sets to add extra booze to the celebrations.

Gift set from HKD 1982 at Sexy Crab in K11 MUSEA

Fortnum and Mason

Fortnum & Mason’s centuries of gastronomic expertise compliment perennial Mid-Autumn traditions with their all-new tea-infused mooncakes. The Earl Grey, Rose Pouchong and Matcha treats feature in four unique gift sets- the triple-layered Fortnum’s gift box pairs six cakes with miniature tins of tea, blending rich and refreshing flavours from crisp Ceylon to malty Assam. The Classic Gift Box is packaged in a Fortnum’s wicker with Earl Grey shortbread and truffle; the Rose Gift Box features floral teas. With a double helping of the mooncake selection pack alongside Pistachio and Clotted Cream biscuits and a celebratory bottle of Sparkling Tea, the Mid-Autumn Festival Hamper is one for the family- bespoke ones are on offer as well.

HKD 588 available at Fortnum and Mason’s flagship store in K11 MUSEA

Man Ho

JW Marriott’s Michelin-starred Chinese restaurant Man Ho returns with their signature mooncake collection. Masterminded by Executive Chinese Chef Jayson Tang, the selection is resplendent in traditional flavours: the timeless white lotus seed paste mooncake is revisited to pack a punch with double egg yolks and fiery hints of ginger. It’s also available as a whopping 8” Royal Supreme, containing eight yolks! On top of that, the Mini Egg Custard Mooncakes’ luxurious, creamy texture that has propelled it to fan favourite status makes an exciting comeback. All this is packed within an artisanal gift box patterned with lotus flowers and tulips, a nod to tradition.

From HKD 438 at


Jouer Mid-Autumn Hamper

Jouer Mid-Autumn Hamper

Mooncakes and macarons have more in common than you may think! The result of Hong Kong atelier Jouer’s painstaking testing and refining process are their half-Asian, half-French fusions. The all-new Mid-Autumn Gift Hamper is a double-tiered Chinese lunchbox, presenting sumptuous mini mooncakes in eccentric flavours from Horlicks to dark chocolate bourbon caramel, while local favourites white lotus and taro jam are packed into the accompanying macarons. If you still prefer one over the other, Jouer’s separate mooncake and macaron gift boxes are equally enchanting!

HKD 100 – HKD 1080 (1,280 after 31 August) at

delectables by Antique

delectables by Antique's triplets of handcrafted mooncakes

delectables by Antique's triplets of handcrafted mooncakes

It’s game on with delectables by Antique’s mahjong-themed mooncakes! Edible replicas of the tiles are packed in customary triplets or a winning hand of fourteen, in an exclusive gift box decked in moving golden mahjong patterns! Experimental flavours including lemon matcha, sakura shrimp and longan cater to daredevil palates; couple them with luscious custom blended yuzu cocktails and dark chocolate coins. You can even personalise the tiles with custom designs and Chinese surnames! Also available from Delectables are a giant 5″ mooncake and luxury sets combining classic cakes with Australian wild abalone and Parisian teas.

HKD 180 – HKD 2,480 at

Lady M

Lady M Celebration of Lights Mooncake Gift Set

Lady M Celebration of Lights Mooncake Gift Set

Let Lady M’s Celebration of Lights mooncake gift set transport you to a mystical fairground! The Ferris wheel-shaped box is awash in a galaxy of deep blue and purple, with golden light-up features and an adorable moon rabbit to top it all off. Just as charming are the six mini mooncakes to be found behind each compartment – three with egg custard concealed in buttery pastry, and three filled with lustrous chocolate. Specially crafted to be savoured with tea, Lady M’s gift box celebrates the all-important Mid-Autumn ritual of gathering with family and friends.

HKD 428 (HKD 528 after 31 July) at Lady M boutiques


Rosewood Mini Assorted Flavour Mooncakes

Rosewood Mini Assorted Flavour Mooncakes

Revisiting the mooncake’s antiquity through a modern lens isn’t easy, but Rosewood has more than pulled it off. Executive Chef Li Chi-Wai of The Legacy House presents his classic recipes, including the white lotus and salted duck egg yolk cakes. Feeling adventurous? Indulge in six Mini Assorted Flavour Mooncakes, with a creative fusion of red bean and mandarin peel. Don’t miss out on the exclusive collaboration with local gourmet brand Dashijie featuring four reimagined delicacies either. All these even come in 100% recycled paper packaging for a guilt-free treat!

HKD 438 – HKD 2,288 at


Ming Court x LALIQUE Limited-Edition Mooncake Gift Box exterior with Chateau Lafaurie-Peyraguey 2015

Ming Court x LALIQUE Limited-Edition Mooncake Gift Box exterior with Chateau Lafaurie-Peyraguey 2015

Harnessing the collaborative spirit of the festival, Lalique has teamed up with the very best to bring us the ultimate mooncake hamper. Three gift sets – Deluxe, Grand and Premium – include four delectable white lotus and egg yolk mooncakes by Michelin-starred Cantonese restaurant Ming Court, and two Lalique 100 Points universal glasses, the result of a collaboration with famed wine critic James Suckling. On top of that, three Sommelier-selected fine wines are on offer for pairing. Infused plum flavours and notes of botrytis means you’ll have secured a one-off gastronomic experience.

HKD 3,288 – HKD 3,888 at

China Tang

China Tang's Authentic White Lotus Seed Paste with Double Egg Yolks Mooncake and the Mini Crafted Egg Custard Mooncake

China Tang's Authentic White Lotus Seed Paste with Double Egg Yolks Mooncake and the Mini Crafted Egg Custard Mooncake

This year, China Tang is celebrating the Mid-Autumn festival by bringing back their modern take on classic mooncakes! In celebration, China Tang will offer their White Lotus Seed Paste with Double Egg Yolks mooncake, made with silky lotus seed paste and rich golden egg yolks. In addition, China Tang will also offer their ‘Mini Crafted Egg Custard’, while also bringing back the classic boxes featuring the signature chinoiserie design. Their exquisitely vibrant gem boxes are eco-friendly too, and can easily be repurposed into unique jewellery boxes.

HKD 278 (HKD 388 from 21 August) at

The Cakery

The Cakery's Mid-Autumn Vegan Mooncakes Set

The Cakery's Mid-Autumn Vegan Mooncakes Set

The Cakery has done it again with their vegan, gluten-free and guilt-free mooncakes! Featuring health-conscious and premium ingredients, The Cakery strives to deliver a sense of inclusion for all occasions. You can find four creative and delightful mooncake flavours at The Cakery with a healthy twist, including Black Sesame Lava, Mango Bean paste Lava, Jasmine Raspberry, and Taro Bean Paste, all packaged in an elegant Chinoiserie inspired gift box. The traditional Mid-Autumn Festival lanterns inspired the creative gift box, seen through the centred light-up feature.

HKD 533.80 (HKD 628 from 21 August) at

Royal Caviar Club

The World's First Caviar Mooncake, by Royal Caviar Club

The World's First Caviar Mooncake, by Royal Caviar Club

Nothing exudes luxury more than the Royal Caviar Club and their indulgent caviar mooncakes. Snow skin coating is filled to the brim with a combination of luscious premium imperial Ossetra caviar paired with either cream cheese or fresh Madagascar vanilla filling. The caviar mooncakes have a beautiful balance of flavours, sure to appeal to the city’s most sophisticated palates. Royal Caviar Club’s caviar mooncakes are the perfect gift for colleagues, family, and friends with a taste for the finer things in life.

HKD 580 (HKD 680 from 21 August) at

Yat Tung Heen

Yat Tung Heen's Sustainable Treasures

Yat Tung Heen's Sustainable Treasures

A chic, reusable, retro-inspired handbag will be offered by Yat Tung Heen alongside a luscious mooncake selection. Their handbag makes for a fun gift and is also perfect as an everyday bag for any occasion. Yat Tung Heen has two mooncakes this year: a mini custard mooncake with egg yolk and white lotus seed paste mooncake with double egg yolks – the brand is renowned for exceptional flavour and texture. The custard with egg yolk is a beautiful combination of sweet and salty, perfect for enjoying a steaming cup of Chinese tea, whilst the delicately flavoured lotus seed paste with egg yolk honours tradition.

HKD 218 (on or before 30 June) – HKD 366 (from 1 to 31 August) at


Shang Palace Signature Mooncakes Quartet

Shang Palace Signature Mooncakes Quartet

The Shangri-La group has unveiled a selection of exquisite Mid-Autumn mooncakes and hampers curated by their culinary team. The Island Shangri-La features a series of ever-popular signature premium mooncakes including their Red Bean Paste Mooncakes accompanied with a rare 80-year dried tangerine peel collector’s gift box, while Kerry Hotel proudly presents a series of signature Mooncakes including their traditional Double Egg Yolk with White Lotus Seed Paste Mooncakes. Lastly, on the other side of the harbour at Kowloon Shangri-La, Executive Chinese Chef Cheung Long-Yin introduces delicious creations for the festivity, including their brand-new Mini Bamboo Charcoal Mooncakes with Rose Sugar along with an abundance of other exquisite flavours!

HKD 388 – HKD 9,888 at

Charbonnel et Walker

Charbonnel et Walker Mid-Autumn Chocolate and Mooncakes

Charbonnel et Walker Mid-Autumn Chocolate and Mooncakes

East meets West as Charbonnel et Walker and Imperial Patisserie join hands in debuting their first ever Mid-Autumn Chocolate & Mooncake collection. The world-renowned British confectioner has hand-picked the essentials from their signature dark chocolate truffles; these accompany coveted mooncakes handcrafted by Chief Pastry Chef Yip Wing Wah alongside two-Michelin starred cake master, Chef Lai Wing Koon. The lavish desserts are encased in an exclusive box swathed in deep red and embellished with classic festive motifs from seasonal fruits to white rabbits.

HKD 398 (from 1 August) – (HKD 468 from 1 September) at