Coach McNugget Art World, McDonalds Hong Kong x Kevin Poon

What better way to celebrate the 40th anniversary of McDonalds’ best menu item, the McNugget, than with an immersive themed exhibition? McDonalds Hong Kong tapped creative juggernaut Kevin Poon for the project, resulting in a complete takeover of the Arts Pavilion at West Kowloon. Featuring Chicken McNugget-inspired artworks from the likes of Korean artist Gyuhan Lee, Jon Burgerman, FrankNitty3000, and American artist UFO907, Coach McNugget Art World brings a host of exciting interactive opportunities. Commemorate the occasion with snapshots from the photobooth or with temporary laser McNuggets tattoos; delve into McDonalds history with a trip down the McNuggets time tunnel; and certify your love for the addicting chicken snack with exclusive merchandise of the Team McNuggets characters reimagined by none other than VANDYTHEPINK. 

Ticketing: HK$20 
When: until August 20, 2023
Where: Arts Pavilion, West Kowloon Cultural District

Trendi Club by Wilson Shieh and Tse Yim On, Bonhams 

The Boss Cat (2023) by Wilson Shieh and Tse Yim On

The Boss Cat (2023) by Wilson Shieh and Tse Yim On

Hong Kong artists Wilson Shieh and Tsim Yim On showcase their latest works in a new exhibition with Bonhams, titled Trendi Club. Both born and raised in Hong Kong, the two artists take inspiration from the ever-changing pop culture landscape of our time, to forge colourful paintings as dynamic as their shared theme. Global K-pop stars Blackpink are transformed into modern gongbi-style goddesses under the delicate brushwork of Shieh, while Tsim pays a vibrant tribute to various icons of their generation including Boy George, Pelé and Cantopop singer Leon Lai. The exhibition also showcases three collaborative paintings by the artists, where the nostalgic Lai Yuen amusement park is revived in a playful rendition of its Dinosaur House in one piece, and where Bruce Lee faces off a hoard of cheeky white cats in another.

When: until August 25, 2023 (closed on Sundays)
Where: Bonhams Hong Kong Saleroom, 20/F, One Pacific Place, Admiralty

Moon Lands On Man by Barminski, JPS Gallery

JPS Gallery kicks off their 10th anniversary celebration with Moon Lands On Man, an immersive exhibition by American artist Barminski. Known for his playful sculpture artworks that are crafted from paper-based material, Barminski transforms the gallery space with his chosen medium, constructing three different sets from cardboard. Designed to take its audience from a nostalgic toy store filled with familiar galactic figurines to a filming studio disguised as the control room of the Apollo 11 spaceship, the exhibition is a humorous approach to the moon landing. With this universal event as its focus, one that is just as polarising as it is historic, Barminski explores notions of fiction, reality and expectation, encouraging audiences to live in pursuit of the truth.  

When: until September 17, 2023
Where: Shops 218-219, 2/F, LANDMARK ATRIUM, 15 Queen’s Road Central

Super Super Market Vol. 3 by Haruka Yamakawa, Quiet Gallery

Haruka Yamakawa’s solo exhibition with Quiet Gallery is a reminder to romanticise our lives — especially the mundane parts. In Super Super Market Vol. 3, Yamakawa takes inspiration from the revitalising impact of casual trips to the supermarket during the Covid-19 pandemic. A new series of imaginative and highly saturated paintings depict a diverse world of fun-loving characters; friends camp out for a 3D movie at the chips aisle (Yamakawa’s favourite supermarket section), strangers find love at the checkout counter, and a jubilant pig mans the meat stall. Primarily an illustrator, Yamakawa also displays a penchant—and talent— for pottery. The exhibition also displays a limited collection of sculptures where glazed ceramic busts wear snack bags as balaclavas. 

When: until August 27, 2023
Where: B/F Belowground, Landmark, 15 Queen’s Road Central

The Record, The Double and The Singular by Taedong Lee and Kitty Ng, Woaw Gallery

S to S (2021) by Kitty Ng

S to S (2021) by Kitty Ng

Woaw Gallery marks the opening of their new space in Wan Chai with a special twofold exhibition! The Record, The Double, and The Singular will jointly showcase the works of Hong Kong artist Kitty Ng and Korean artist Taedong Lee at Woaw Gallery’s two Wan Chai locations. Both contemporary artists who draw from their personal photographic archive, Ng and Lee embrace the human inability to replicate and reproduce memories, instead celebrating the beauty in our tendencies to distort as we recall the most momentous occasions of our lives. Warm and teeming with life, intimate scenes of friendship and family are reflected across the walls of Woaw Gallery’s first Wan Chai location for Ng’s show, while Lee’s impressionistic landscapes transform the newly acquired space into a midsummer reverie. 

When: From August 22 to October 22, 2023
Where: 3 & 5 Sun Street, Wan Chai